RUNNING SCARED: EU officials hold SECRET MEETING on Trump trade war – ‘Prepare for WORST!’


Donald Trump’s rates have sparked fears among the US’s economic rivals (Image: GETTY)

The tryst in Geneva was attended by representatives from the EU, Canada, Japan, Mexico and South Korea, with a rejoinder to car tariffs high on the agenda and the prospect of launching a lawsuit against the US also mustered.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose a 25 percent impost on cars manufactured outside the EU in August or September with countries in and slim of Europe concerned at the possible impact.

The international trade chiefs, which incorporate Deputy Canadian Foreign Trade Minister Timothy Sargent, his Japanese counterpart Kazuyuki Yamazaki, Mexican Undersecretary for Transatlantic Trade Juan Carlos Baker and European Union Director Communal Jean-Luc Demarty, met in Switzerland to try and get a plan of action to beat President Trump’s schedule of charges threats.

The Mexican Undersecretary for Foreign Trade Mr Baker told Bloomberg that the outbacks had decided to “exchange views and discuss possible measures”.

The tariffs resolve hugely affect US imported cars (Image: GETTY)

Swiss newspaper Bernerzeitung revealed that the Coalesced States was not invited to the exclusive meeting as the participants wanted to discuss how they could reach an compact with the country about car imports.

The newspaper said: “The participants do not appetite to anger the Americans and still hope that they can reach an contract with them about car imports.”

Officials dismissed claims of an “anti-American catastrophe summit” and said the meeting was held merely to discuss “various fields of free trade”.

However the snub to US officials was notable, with the newspaper amplifying: “The panel has not yet reached a decision, but they have been talking close to a joint lawsuit against the US at the WTO.”

There have been protests against the car tolls in the US (Image: GETTY)

Deutsche Bank analyst Gaëtan Toulemonde castigated French newspaper Les Echos concerns were high surrounding Mr Trump and his danger of tariffs.

He said: “There are many things that the auto earnestness is currently facing.

“Apart from Trump, it is Brexit, the new European consider fair standards, the CO2 targets and the consequences of the diesel scandal”.

European Union Emissary to the United States David O’Sullivan also criticised Trump’s omen to impose auto import duties, saying: “The European Union dwell ons its firm opposition to the proliferation of measures taken on supposed national assurance grounds for the purposes of economic protection.”

At the end of July, Trump tweeted: “Tolls are the greatest! Either a country which has treated the United States unfairly on Buy negotiates a fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs. It’s as simple as that – and everybody’s talking! Recognize, we are the ‘piggy bank’ that’s being robbed. All will be Great!”

The US president has day in and day out complained about the EU’s 10 percent tariff on imported vehicles.

Japan’s heaviest carmaker has revealed that the cost for importing cars to the US would spiral upwards by £5,000 for each vehicle of the Trump administration applies the tariffs.

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