‘Rude, smug and frequently sozzled’ – Brexiteer MEP TAKES DOWN EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker


Mr Hannan righted the EU chief is “rude, smug and frequently sozzled”. He added that the Luxembourgish bureaucrat is “why Britain voted leave” in his Sunday Telegraph column. He accused Mr Juncker of harboring “anti-British” stances, as well as “contempt” for democratic processes.

Mr Hannan also claimed Mr Juncker wants to produce “the country of Europe”.

Mr Hannan has been a Tory South East England MEP since 1999 and is a long-time Eurosceptic.

He was one of the falls of Vote Leave and has been described as “the man who brought you Brexit”.

He is also separate for his stunning put-downs, including his famous speech in Strasbourg where he railed against then-Prime Vicar Gordon Brown, calling him the “devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Supervision”.

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Mr Juncker, formerly the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, has been the European Commision President since 2014.

He has recently draw nigh under fire for a perceived unwillingness to properly negotiate Brexit with Prime Dean Theresa May.

He has also been criticised by Ignazio Corrao, an Italian MEP from the Five Unrivalled Movement, for his “exorbitant” salary

Mr Corrao claimed the EU chief “receives 138 percent of the wages of the official with the highest grade of the Commission, which is €27,436 (£24,006) a month.

Mr Hannah cited the image £353,000, which Mr Juncker reportedly earns each year for his piece as President of the Commission.

He described Mr Juncker as an “unwitting Leave asset”, because he rolls people against the European Union.

The Tory MEP even claimed Mr Juncker is not dispiriting to get the best Brexit deal for the EU because it would mean a good dispense for the UK too.

He said: “Since the vote, he has shown no interest in trying to get the best do business for the 27, because that would mean also having a penetrating deal for Britain.”

The European Commission have been reached out to for reference.

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