Royal Wedding menu: What food is being served to Meghan and Harry’s guests?


The Majestic Wedding menu has been shared by Kensington Palace.
Guests at the Lunchtime Greeting hosted by the Queen will enjoy a selection of the finest dishes.
Canapés take in asparagus wrapped in ham, croquette of Windsor lamb and Scottish langoustines.
The basin food being offered to the 600 attendees includes free spread chicken and Windsor pork belly.
Desserts have not been draw a blank, with macaroons and tartlets being offered.

Kensington Stately revealed guests are being served the following:
Scottish Langoustines wrapped in Smoked Salmon with Citrus Crème Fraiche

Grilled English Asparagus wrapped in Cumbrian Ham

Garden Pea Panna Cotta with Quail Eggs and Lemon Verbena

Tradition Tomato and Basil Tartare with Balsamic Pearls

Poached Unburden Range Chicken bound in a Lightly Spiced Yoghurt with Roasted Apricot

Croquette of Confit Windsor Lamb, Roasted Vegetables and Shallot Jam

Steamed up Asparagus Spears with Mozzarella and Sun-Blush Tomatoes

Main Track
Guests will eat bowl food, rather than a sit down brute course. They will eat:
Fricassee of Free Range Chicken with Morel Mushrooms and Unfledged Leeks

Pea and Mint Risotto with Pea Shoots, Truffle Oil and Parmesan Crisps

Ten Hour Backward Roasted Windsor Pork Belly with Apple Compote and Crackling

In concealing with the rest of the menu, the desserts are small bites that can be simply eaten without a plate. These are:

So how does this compare with Kate and William’s menu from their 2011 uniting? Well, the list of today’s food cannot be compared as Kate and William did not tummler a lunchtime reception for 600 guests as Meghan and Harry have done.
Howsoever, the food from their evening reception was leaked some period after the event, and like the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge focused on British classics.
For the starter, patrons enjoyed “marinated South Ulst salmon, Lyme Bay crab and unrestricted Hebridean langoustines” which was served with a “fresh herb salad”.
Systematic lamb was accompanied with “Highgrove spring vegetables, English asparagus, Jersey Earl potatoes and sauce Windsor”.
Guests were then served a triptych of desserts, including a “Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle and chocolate parfait”.

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