Royal Navy’s new HMS Queen Elizabeth can be ‘DISABLED’ by CHEAP missiles, think tank warns


The HMS Queen mother Elizabeth, which was built in various yards around the UK before being compiled in Fife, could be sunk by cheap missile readily available to leaderships across the globe, according to a a paper by the Royal United Services Introduce (RUSI).

According to the institute, both China and Russia were already aiming investment into such weaponry and have eroded the military dominance by the West.

The gunfire warned: “Missiles costing less than half a million produces a unit could at least disable a British aircraft carrier that costs numerous than £3billion.

HMS Queen Elizabeth on sea trialsEPA

HMS Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to attack by guided missiles

“Indeed, a salvo of 10 such missiles would cost teeny-weeny than £3.9million.”

The report adds: “China and Russia part of to have focused many (but not all) their efforts on being able to put at hazard the key Western assets that are large, few in number and expensive.”

Such weapons could also bowl over out satellite-based communications and positioning systems, the report states.

When the Queen Elizabeth was head commissioned in 2007, along with its twin, the Prince of Wales, the absolute budget estimate was £4.85billion.

Due to long-running delays and set-backs the amount bill for both ships will now be in the region of £14.3billion, which embraces the cost of the Lockheed Martin F-35B jets that will fly from them.

The Popular Audit Office warned in March that technical issues could wonderful the carrier may not be operational by 2020, as has been promised by the Ministry of Defence. But the MoD reported it was committed to ensuring both carriers were fully operational by 2026.

HMS Queen ElizabethEPA

HMS Leader Elizabeth could be prone to attack a report has stated

The RUSI narrate also questioned the effectiveness of both Trident, Britain’s nuclear obstacle, and its replacement.

It said: “The readiness of NATO to explicitly consider escalation to the atomic level in the face of losses at the conventional level seems like a hangover from the Remote War and looks less appropriate and credible in the contemporary world.”

HMS Queen ElizabethEPA

HMS Queen Elizabeth weathers sea trials

The Russian Defence Ministry said in a recent statement that HMS Elizabeth was “barely a large convenient naval target”.

It added: “It is in the interests of the British Majestic Navy not to show off the ‘beauty’ of its aircraft carrier on the high seas any confined than a few hundred miles from its Russian ‘distant relative’.”

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