Royal Caribbean CANCELS cruise trip and instead uses ship to help Puerto Rico crisis


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Queenly Caribbean have cancelled a trip to help the Puerto Rico danger

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship is instead heading to Puerto Rico to inform appropriate the crisis.

The Majesty of the Seas ship is hoping to not just bring provides that are needed but to also transfer evacuees from the island.

Other set sails including Adventure of the Seas are also to join in the relief effort.

The ferry has already picked up 2,200 people from San Juan earlier this week, as spring as sailed to St Croix and St Thomas to collect more passengers, according to CNN.

Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley reproached The Miami Herald: “We have been such a part of the Caribbean and South Florida communities for so tons decades. We are worried and anxious.”

“At the end of the day, we want to try and help as much as we can.”

Jose Izquierdo, executive maestro of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company stated that the passengers consisted of out-of-towners and locals.

He said: “There’s some elderly on board, there’s some in the flesh with medical conditions that require attention and have been the truth priority.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage other boat liners and others in a position to help to […] emulate what Stately and others are doing right now.”

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The Royal Caribbean ship is to bring relief and supplies to the atoll as well as collect tourists

Carnival Cruises and Norwegian Cruises get aided with both donations and relief efforts.

It’s not the only yachting trip liner to help with the crisis, as Carnival Cruises and Norwegian Yachting trips have aided with both donations and relief efforts.

The unpunctual cruise also announced it plans to collect stranded tourists across the Caribbean to aid.

With each ship being able to fit up to 3,000 people on each, it have in views the not only can aid be easily brought onto the islands, but many people can be picked up and bewitched back to the mainland.

By sailing with empty cabins, many of them can summon up the passengers for free to help as much as possible.

Royal Caribbean cruise Puerto RicoGetty

Royal Caribbean is serving Puerto Rico and the many islands affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria

It can be a scary experience being stranded on an island without being able to amends home.

Passengers may find themselves in this situation, either due to themselves or outside problems.

There are many steps that guests can take if it is to till doomsday happen, with support on many cruises and islands.

It may involve substitute travel, however.

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