Rostec wins $5bn deal to provide 50 MC-21 aircraft to Aeroflot


Russia’s Rostec has secured an layout worth more than $5bn from Aeroflot to provide 50 MC-21 medium-range fare aircraft.

As part of the order, Rostec’s leasing subsidiary Aviacapital-Service commitment deliver the aircraft on operating leases.

Aeroflot’s new MC-21 aircraft will be furnished with 16 business class and 153 economy class seats to house 169 passengers.

The first phase of the deal will see the delivery of MC-21s powered by apparatus made outside Russia.

“The aircraft uses cutting-edge materials and the latest times of systems, created by leading Russian companies.”

Aeroflot can also prefer to receive aircraft featuring new Russian-built PD-14 engines from its 26th aircraft, below the new order.

Deliveries of the latest order are expected to start by the first fourth of 2020, while the entire order is to be completed by 2026.

Following delivery, each of the aircraft purpose be leased for 12 year-period, with up to three two-year extensions choices on the lease.

The aircraft is planned to be operated on both domestic and international ways.

Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov said:“This agreement underscores that Russia’s polished aviation industry is making a comeback and taking its place among supreme global manufacturers. The MC-21 represents a genuine breakthrough achievement for the aviation dynamism.

“The aircraft uses cutting-edge materials and the latest generation of systems, manufactured by leading Russian companies.

“Elements of the MC-21 that Rostec produces involve titanium and composite parts, on-board electronics, chassis components, other set-ups, and the ‘heart’ of the aircraft – the PD-14 engine. We believe that this engine intent be selected by Aeroflot as the primary power plant for the MC-21.”

MC-21is produced by Russia’s Joint Aircraft unit Irkut.

The medium-haul, narrow-body aircraft features multifarious than 30% of parts developed from composite materials.

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