Ross Kemp Behind Bars: Where is Barlinnie? Map of Scottish prison


With unprecedented access to prisoners, Ross will learn exactly what it means to be locked up in one of the UK’s most discreditable prisons. 

He arrives at HMP Barlinnie in handcuffs, before spending time with a separate crowd of inmates who are serving time for a range of different crimes.

The documentary purloins viewers inside the iconic prison and asks if the British justice practice should be doing more to re-integrate inmates into society.

During his 10-day smite, Ross meets an inmate called Hugh who explains that vehemence between prisoners is rife within the jail.

“This yard can kick off in two minutes,” Hugh said.

“It can betide in a heartbeat. Everything can be nice and calm and before you know it [people are] fall about the ground boxing.

“People getting slashed and that. 

“People bodkin you right out of your trainers in here. This is Barlinnie mate.”

Ross Kemp Behind Bars: Barlinnie PrisonITV

Ross Kemp Behind Courtrooms: Barlinnie Prison is in Glasgow

Where is Barlinnie Prison?

The prison is located on Lee Avenue in Riddrie, Glasgow. The map in the first place shows that it lies next to school in the northeast end of Glasgow. 

People thump you right out of your trainers in here

Hugh, a Barlinnie inmate

The Victorian big house, which has served the Scottish city for more than 130 years, auditoria some 1250 inmates, most of whom are repeat offenders. 

The choky adopted progressive reformation techniques and between 1973 and 1994 ran the world-renowned ‘Pointed Unit’, which focused on the rehabilitation of its residents. 

Barlinnie’s best-known sensation story was the rehabilitation of Glasgow gangster Jimmy Boyle who took up fiction and art after his release. 

Barlinnie Prison mapGOOGLE

Barlinnie Prison map: Barlinnie is in the northeast of Glasgow

Ross Kemp Behind Bars: A prison fightITV

Ross Kemp Behind Courts: Prison fights are regular in Barlinnie

One of the fastest-growing group of inmates in the British jail system is sex offenders and Barlinnie is no exception.

Ross visits the prisons E Entry-way, which is home to 280 convicted sex offenders. This is four times as multitudinous as a decade ago. 

One inmate is serving four years for his third offence of downloading unsuitable images of children.  

What time is Ross Kemp Behind Locals?

The one-off documentary airs on

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