Rosacea treatment BEFORE and after: Woman CURED her skin with £19.95 cream


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Rosacea treatment: Rachael Miles sufferers from the hackneyed skin condition

Rachael Miles, 36, has rosacea, a common long-term and poorly-understood fleece condition that mainly affects the face.

It differs to eczema and psoriasis — the adapt suffered by the young man who yesterday revealed how he cured his psoriasis with a £3.99 cream. 

In disparity, Glasgow-based civil servant Rachael started experiencing symptoms, which comprehend flushing, burning and spots, after a particularly traumatic break up.

She revaeledthe train was triggered when she discovered her partner of three years had been hoaxing on her last Christmas.

“As my world collapsed my skin literally erupted into a angry red lumpy mess, which I later discovered was rosacea,” she told

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Rosacea treatment: Rachael’s symptoms included lots of toy red lumps

I’d always had great skin my entire life but the trauma of my transgress up chose to manifest itself through my skin

Rachael Miles, 36, a Glasgow-based mum of two

“I’d often had great skin my entire life but the trauma of my break up chose to betray itself through my skin.”

As the single mother of two was reeling from the stagger of how a man who she thought was ‘the one’ was actually a compulsive liar, the grief and anxiety manifested itself on her coating.

“It started with lots of little red lumps and then it just erupted into a fervid red agony,” she said.

“Even putting water on my skin stung dig crazy and my face was permanently inflamed and sore.”

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Rosacea treatment: Rachael eased her features using a new cream

Rachael visited her doctor who prescribed her with a up to date steroid, Eumovate, which is actually for eczema, another skin train.

Instead of soothing her rosacea it caused it to flare-up further instead. She gained to her GP again and was given more steroids and lotions that all had a similar come into force.

As the months went by her confidence took a knock, and she stopped socialising and moved up her favourite hobby, walking in the windy Scottish countryside which exacerbated her features.

“I hit rock bottom when I was invited to a leaving do for a work colleague,” she recanted.

“I didn’t want to go but she was a friend and I felt awful saying no. I tried to congress all my courage and bought tons of make-up even though I knew it was flourishing to be agony when I put it on. 

“Before the night had even begun I found myself in the pub public convenience sobbing my eyes out. I was in such agony because the cosmetics burned my flay and were literally running off my face with this furious tempering bumpy skin poking through the bare patches. 

“I felt nauseous. In the end I just had to leave as I couldn’t bear to face people.

“This went on for months. In due course I only left the house when I had to; to go to work or the school run.“

While on a three-month tarry list to see a skin specialist — and becoming increasing king worried her complexion hand down never clear up — she began to research online.

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Rosacea treatment: Kalme commodities are made from capers

It was during one of these searches that Rachael hesitated upon Kalme caper products (, recommended by someone on a rosacea guy group website.

As well as being moisturising and reducing sensitivity, they induce an anti-inflammatory and redness-reducing effect.

“They were the first products I had put on that did not overcook when I applied them,” she explained.

She began applying the products — which are currently priced from £9.95 — to her overlay three times a day, and it took just three months for her skin to carry back to normal.

“I felt empowered. It changed my whole outlook. It felt not unlike the first thing I was able to finally control and conquer since the break-up,” she remarked.

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Rosacea treatment: Rachael said her skin cleared within three months of starting to use the cream

“Now I no longer suspect people looking at me. I guess it felt like my skin was telling all what a mess I was inside. That makes you feel very defenceless.

“Skin conditions are too often overlooked by doctors as something not that dangerous, but if you listen to how people with skin conditions really feel, it’s as a matter of fact a far more serious matter than people realise, particularly if its accompanied or occasioned by emotional turmoil. The combination of the two can be truly devastating.

“I’m really looking impertinent to this Christmas with my family and I’m going to be spending New Year in London with my chum and friends. The future feels positive and exciting once again. I’m so freed to be able to get on with my life. There were several points in the defunct year when I never thought that would happen.”

Rachael has now started a new relationship and returned to university to launch a psychology degree.

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