Rolls-Royce to further inspect Trent 1000 Package C engines


Rolls-Royce is set to communicate out additional inspections on certain Package C variants of the Trent 1000 locomotive due to issues with the compressor.

Ongoing tests are already being conducted on the Trent 1000 Case C engines currently in-service with various airlines.

With the additional inspections, the entourage aims to further understand the durability of an intermediate pressure compressor penknife of the Trent 1000 Package C engine.

The inspections will be based on a directive issued by Rolls-Royce, along with the European Aviation Security Agency (EASA).

Operators of Trent 1000 Package C engines drive be required to carry out maintenance checks on the compressor blade before the apparatus reaches a flying threshold of 300 cycles.

“We will be working closely with Boeing and pretentious airlines to minimise disruption wherever possible.”

The proposed inspections are count oned to cause additional disruptions to airline flight schedules. The inspection resolution exclude the operators of Trent 1000 Package B engines or Trent 1000 TEN machines.

A total of 380 Package C engines are currently in-service with a integer of airlines. Almost 25% of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet is powered by Container C engines.

Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East said: “Our focus is on supporting our buyers and doing all we can to minimise any impact on their operations.

“We sincerely regret the disruption this wish cause to our customers and our team of technical experts and service engineers is employment around the clock to ensure we return them to full service as right away as possible.

“We will be working closely with Boeing and affected airlines to minimise disruption wherever attainable.”

Air New Zealand said that the proposed inspections will have some bump on its international schedule.

The airline currently operates nine Boeing 787 aircraft powered by Trent 1000 Containerize C engines.

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