Rogers Media lays off 87 employees as it cuts back on print publishing


Rogers Standard has laid off 27 full-time employees in its English-language digital content and publishing boundary line, following the dismissal of 60 full-time employees Tuesday.

The telecommunications behemoth says the 27 new layoffs reduces duplicate roles as it focuses on streamlining its pike to address ongoing challenges facing print media.

The 60 wage-earners terminated Tuesday were the result of changes to the com ny’s Quebec-based brochures Chatelaine, L’actualité and the French and English editions of Loulou.

Rogers propounded that the Quebec-based version Chatelaine will see its print circulation minimized to a frequency of six times a year beginning in 2017. This rallels the change-overs made in September to the English-language version of Chatelaine.

The com ny, which has been request buyers for L’actualité and Loulou, said it’s “in the midst of a sales process” for L’actualité.

Regardless, no buyer has been found for Loulou, which will be shut down by the end of the year.

Rogers asserted in September it would pull back on print publications to concentrate on a digital tactics.

Beginning in 2017, English-language magazines Flare, Sportsnet, MoneySense, and Canadian Matter will all end their print editions.

At Chatelaine and Today’s rent, the edition of print editions will be reduced to six issues per year. Weekly known affairs magazine Maclean’s will become a monthly.

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