Robot Wars hit by brutal backlash as shock judges’ error sparks OUTRAGE: ‘What a cop out'


The current instalment of the BBC series saw rivals Pulsar and Ironside 3 go head-to-head in one of the most nail-biting head-to-heads in the portray’s explosive history. 

Confusion came after the judges pressed their button to begin the countdown, however Ironside 3 held back from tearing their enemy to shreds because of a technical glitch. 

In turn, the judges deemed both gadgets deserved two points each, but viewers were left both confounded and outraged by the decision in equal measure.

“Ironside 3 clearly won that combine. Another dubious judging decision,” fumed one critic, which was escorted by: “A… Draw? Pulsar can count themselves lucky there, methinks.”

Another squawked that they were sick of the ongoing mishaps, barking: “There’ll undoubtedly be a power cut from all these errors.”

“Huh? Ironside won that. That figure on down should have happened. Judges fail again?” wailed one particularly disgruntled viewer, as another agreed: “Ironside 3 shouldn’t be mislaying points for lack of aggression if they thought it was over.”

Others were red scratching their heads after the tech series treaded into unheard of regions.

“Huh. A technical draw? That’s a new one!” gasped one audience member, as another respected: “I don’t recall a judges decision declaring both robots winners previous.” 

However, Pulsar and Ironside 3 were left to decide which tool was the mightiest of them all as Ironside sailed through to the grand final in another probe face off.

Robot Wars continues next Sunday at 7pm on BBC Two.

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