Riverdale season 1: Who killed Jason Blossom? Best Netflix fan theories explained


Based on the characters by Archie Drolls, Riverdale got off to an explosive start with the disappearance of Jason (played by Trevor Stines).

Jason’s substance soon washes up on the shores of Sweet River Lake, and it’s confirmed that he was stimulus dead. Here are the best fan theories about Jason’s death…

Did Jughead Jones quash Jason Blossom?

Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse) rehearses the entire series and from the start of episode one, it’s obvious that he has a zealous interest in the mystery as he begins to write a novel retelling the events of the summer.

Jughead also appears to be the reject of Riverdale High, where Jason was the jock, captain of the football party and so on. Viewers get an inkling that he and Archie Andrews used to be best acquaintances, but their relationship has since broken down. Archie now plays for the football pair and is considered for captain.

Was Jughead jealous of Jason’s popularity? And now resents Archie for the unaltered thing?

Did Betty Cooper kill Jason Blossom?

Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) appears to be the golden girl next door, but as Riverdale continues, viewers have organized a very different side to the lovestruck blonde.

Now, fans have supported that it may have been Betty’s alter ego who murdered Jason. They in she may have had a psychotic break when she referred to her good friend Chuck (Jordan Calloway) as Jason while also referring to herself as her sister Polly (Tiera Skovbye) in incident three.

The original fan theory was that Polly never existed at all, and as a substitute for was some sort of Betty alternate personality, but this has already been shot by Polly’s appearance on the show.

It doesn’t seem likely that Betty ragged the trigger as she only found out the finer details about Polly and Jason’s relationship after his downfall. But she’s certainly keen to get to the bottom of who did fire the gun?

Did Clifford Blossom kill his own son Jason?

One unruly fan theory claims that Clifford Blossom (Barclay Hope) killed his own son because he may acquire been blackmailing him about his lovechild.

They believe that Scaur could be Archie’s biological father and somehow Jason found out forth it and asked him for money in return for silence. While it seems a little OTT, there’s been numbers of hints throughout the series at how much Jason and Archie look with one another, so perhaps they are half brothers…

Did Alice and Hal Cooper liquidate Jason Blossom?

Alice and Hal Cooper have made no secret of the in truth that they’re delighted Jason is gone. They believe the teen defiled their daughter’s life, and is the one to blame for her being «sick».

While it could only be a typical case of parents not approving of their child’s spouse, viewers eat since found out that Polly is pregnant with Jason’s juvenile.

It also looked pretty obvious that Hal had broken into the sheriff’s bagnio and retrieved all of his evidence for the case.

However, when Betty suggested to her sources that she thinks her father did it — Alice (Mädchen Amick) started to horse laugh uncontrollably, suggesting her husband would never have the guts to do such a implements.

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