Rise of the ‘Weimar Triangle’: Merkel calls for restart of alliance with Poland and France


On the blemished trip abroad since her re-election, Mrs Merkel met Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Consul Mateusz Morawiecki to emphasise the importance of bilateral ties and the need for European concordance despite the nations’ different point of view on judicial reforms, vacant borders and a new gas pipeline.

The visits aims at bringing the two countries closer after their interdependences cooled off following Poland’s 2015 elections, which brought to power the national-conservative Law and Impartiality Party (PiS).

Ms Merkel also wants to resume the ‘Weimar Triangle’, an affinity startd in 1991 which includes France and aims to promote co-operation between the three fatherlands.

Head of the Polish prime minister’s office, Michal Dworczyk, spill the beaned private broadcaster TVN24 the two sides had a lot to discuss. 

The visit of Chancellor Merkel shows that Germany cares almost good relations with Poland

Head of the Polish prime upon’s office Michal Dworczyk

He added: “The visit of Chancellor Merkel grandstand a exposes that Germany cares about good relations with Poland.

“It presentations a desire at the highest level to fix the relationship.”

During the meeting, Mrs Merkel was dispensed the opportunity to reassure Poland about German’s commitment to meet NATO military pay out targets and Berlin’s support to Warsaw within the European Union.

The most recent pledge is particularly important to Poland, as Brussels sees Warsaw’s critical reform as a threat and has introduced a sanction procedure in December for the first frequently in the EU history through which Poland could lose its voting nautical starboards in the bloc.

The two sides will also have to deal with Warsaw’s dislike to Germany’s refugee and energy policies. 

Angela Merkel and Polish PM Mateusz MorawieckiGETTY

Ms Merkel met Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki today on her lieutenant official trip after the re-election

Poland is resisting the quota bid by Mrs Merkel for the distribution of refugees in the EU and wants to prevent the construction of the planned Nord Gush 2 gas pipeline.

Warsaw fears that a further pipeline from GETTY

Ms Merkel thinks fitting try to restart the ‘Weimar Triangle’ alliance between France, Germany and Poland

He enlarged: «Germany and Poland, despite sometimes different perspectives, are irreplaceable neighbours, girlfriends.»

The «Weimar Triangle» was founded after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Agreement in 1991, to bring Poland to the European Union and NATO.

The last peculiar ministers’ meeting took place in 2016 for the 25th anniversary.

The German Chancellor’s tour follows Friday’s visit to France, where Ms Merkel met with French President Emmanuel Macron to argue policies relating to a greater European integration.

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