Rise in self-catering holidays causing THIS dangerous problem to Britons


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The stir up of self-catering holidays has also seen a rise in holiday injuries

Britons looking to liberate the pennies when booking a holiday can cut corners in many ways.

One of the sundry popular ways is to choose a self-catered holiday instead of an all-inclusive.

This can end up being cheaper by opting home cooked meals instead of restaurants.

Yet it has also fuelled a ascend in dangerous injuries.

Nearly one in 20 have reported an incident whilst on a self-catering recess that occurred in the kitchen, according to a survey by insurance firm Multitudinous TH>N.

Problems included food poisoning (26 per cent), cuts or blackened (24 per cent) and even falls within a kitchen of 30 per cent.

A above one in three then had to claim on their travel insurance to cover their medical beaks.

With an average claim of £270, it can ruin a holiday if needing to critical to hospitals for emergency treatment.

However, one in 10 reported a medical reckoning of over £1000 which can be more than the holiday itself.

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Kitchenette injuries such as burns and food poisoning are rising due to self-catered fetes

It is absolutely vital that you have the right level of travel bond cover

John Ellenger

Whilst it can end up in not being able to take enter in in holiday activities and excursions, a worrying one in 10 were even studied to fly home early due to the injury.

John Ellenger, head of travel security at MORE TH>N, gave his advice on what travellers should do if it happens to them. 

“In the circumstance something does go wrong however, it is absolutely vital that you include the right level of travel insurance cover to ensure you are sufficiently sheathed.

“Whilst the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) doesn’t demand suitable cover on its own, it is equally important all British nationals have one with them when nomadic across Europe to ensure their rights to state provided healthcare and forbear to avoid receiving eye-watering medical bills.” 

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Self-catered vacations can save money, but Britons should still make sure to enjoy travel insurance

A worryingly large amount of Britons also don’t travelling with any form of insurance. 

Yet one in three admit to not even having an EHIC birthday card.

Without it, holidaymakers could end up facing a huge medical biz when returning from fete.

They are free to order so anyone heading abroad should insure they get the card before flying.

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