Rio de Janeiro Carnival LIVE STREAM: Watch Brazil carnival again


Dubbed the greatest swagger on earth, Brazil’s world-famous carnival has delighted audiences over the stay few days as bikini-clad dancers performed sizzling street displays and samba exhibitions in sweltering temperatures.

The five-day extravaganza kicked off on Friday, February 9 but there is up till one full day of activities left to go.

Today’s line-up features Ipanema’s Stripe – the last Carnival presentation – followed by the Children’s Samba Schools Ostentatious displays and Gay Ball at Scala Rio.

According to Carnival’s official website, The Gay Ball “is possibly the most famous night in the series”.

It states: The exotic collection of characters, drag cynosures, transformers flood two floors of the club. 

“The dance is broadcast all over Brazil. It every time attracts a lush crowd and its admirers.”

The festival’s carnal indulgence trade ins the last day of celebrations and raucous fun before the Christian season of Lent begins tomorrow. 

A reveller from Salgueiro performs during the second night of the Carnival parade at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro


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A reveller from Salgueiro responds during the second night of the Carnival parade at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro

Be vigilant for again: Rio de Janerio Carnival highlights

If you have missed all the festivities, don’t annoy – watch the video above to see some of the dazzling highlights.

To launch the ‘times a deliver’s biggest party’ Friday, officials handed a glittering key to the city to Crowned head Momo, a figurehead who presides over the partying and who, according to legend, was expelled from Mount Olympus in front moving to Rio, the so-called “wonderful city.”

Top samba schools shimmied down the 700-metre (2,300ft) runway at the Sambadrome Coliseum while performers decked out in headdresses and bright costumes delighted stimulate crowds.

Some of the impressive floats featured Chinese dragons and promising statues as orchestras and musicians provided thumping anthems.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival dancer dressed in goldGETTY/REUTERS

A Rio de Janeiro Carnival dancer at the Sambadrome on the instant night.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival revellersAFP/GETTY

Rio de Janeiro Carnival revellers of the Uniao da Ilha samba nursery school

Why are some Carnival fans angry?

Despite the hedonistic fun, Rio Carnival has not been without dispute this year after funding for the huge revenue earner was cut by its evangelical mayor.

Marcelo Cribella, who has been outspoken in his criticism of the Rio Carnival, awed his critics after cutting $1.5 million of funding for the samba credo parades.

However, he made his peace in time for Carnival’s opening observance, acknowledging how the event is a unifying force in a city where violent misdeed is rising.

He said: ”We live with our hearts torn apart by so much virulence.

“Carnival at this moment is about resurgence, about hope.”