Revenue seized drugs worth €586,000 EVERY week of 2016


Receipts seized drugs worth over €30.5m in 2016, a whopping proliferation on last year’s figure of €23.09m.

The drug with the highest value annexations were cannabis herb and resin, with 1,222 seizures totalling 941kg and valued at €15.4m.

An dumfounding 626kg of cannabis was also seized last year, with a value of €12.41m.

Cocaine and heroin fits were also up significantly in 2016, with 172kg of the drugs seized in the final 12 months, with a value of €12m.

That is almost double the sculptures for 2015, which saw 95.4kg seized, valued at €6.69m.

Amphetamines, elation and other drugs made up the bulk of the seizures in 2016 with 4,641 single seizures netting drugs valued at €3.1m.

Cigarette and tobacco seizures were down in 2016, with Gate making seizures of 44m cigarettes at a value of €23.4m.

Revenue also seized 67.9m cigarettes, valued at €34.41m, in 2016.

Also of note for 2016 was the enormous value (€15.86m) that was seized outside the traditional areas of cure-alls and cigarettes.

These seizures were in the areas of alcohol, criminal legal tender, VRT and other vehicle seizures and excise license detections.

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