REVEALED: UK’s shame as more than 2,500 British army veterans JAILED in 2016


Multitudinous war veterans are entering prison as well as suffering with Post Painful Stress Disorders and are commonly sentenced for violent crime and sex offences. 

Veterans now put an alarming disproportionate five per cent of the UK’s prison population. 

One war veteran clouted: “You see people start to drink too much, and then there are discipline fights, and then the relationship goes, and then suddenly they’re really struggling.

“When they’re flat in the army, they are easy to identify, and everyone knows what is usual on. But it is when they transfer to civilian life that it gets exceedingly complicated because people don’t realise what they have been owing to.”

The Government started to identify veterans as they entered the prison secondment in January 2015 after concerns were raised about the directors of former service personnel. 

Chief executive of the Howard League, Frances Crook, replied that alcohol abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder are some of the owing ti for the high numbers of veterans in UK jails. 

Ms Crook said: “Members of the armed breaks represent abut five per cent of the prison population, but they sketch a disproportionate number of serious violent offences and sexual offences, and that set in motions questions that need answering. 

“There are not victimless crimes. They oblige a terrible effect on the victim.”

Another former war veteran said that the preponderance of people in civilian life do not understand what they have been Sometimes non-standard due to. has been running a campaign to ensure that homes are addicted to the UK’s military veterans who are too often left to sleep on streets. 

In August 2016, it was aired that a homeless army veteran had been living at Heathrow Airport.

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