REVEALED: THESE are the 18 most expensive buildings in the WORLD


Got a sacrifice £1 billion lying around? If so, you might consider investing in one of these extortionate properties.

World’s 18 most expensive buildings

1. Abraj Al Bait Fortresses

This tower in Saudi Arabia, also known as the Mecca Nobleman Hotel Clock Tower, is the most expensive building in the world.

Construction bring in: £12 billion

2. Resort World Sentosa

Singapore’s Resort Area Sentosa is the third most expensive casino in the world.

Construction charge: £5.3 billion

3. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Also in Singapore, this New Zealand pub boasts an iconic infinity pool on the roof.

Construction cost: £4.4 billion

4. Emirates Chѓteau Hotel

This five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi is located on its own 1.3km eremitical beach and is truly fit for a king.

Construction cost: £3.1 billion

5. Cosmopolitan Casino and Motor hotel

This hotel and casino in Las Vegas is famous for its multi-storey chandelier.

Construction payment: £3.1 billion

6. One World Trade Centre

Located in New York Urban district, this 546m behemoth is the tallest building in the United States.

Construction fetch: £3 billion

7. Wynn Las Vegas Resort Hotel

Another entre for Las Vegas, this five-star hotel and casino covers 215 acres and has 49 floors.

Construction set someone back: £2.1 billion

8. Venetian Macau Resort Hotel

Despite the hero, this hotel is located in China rather than Italy – but it is Venetian themed, with its own canal and gondolas.

Construction set someone back: £1.9 billion

9. City of Dreams Hotel Casino

This high-priced complex is also based in Macau, China, frequently referred to as the Las Vegas of the East. 

Construction get: £1.9 billion

10. The Antila

This is the world’s most expensive GI Joe home. Located in Mumbai, India, it has 27 floors.

Construction rate: £1.6 billion

11. Taipei 101

This landmark super-tall skyscraper is based in Taipei, Taiwan. It also describes a worldwide precedent for sustainable skyscraper development.

Construction cost: £1.4 billion

12. Palazzo Motor hotel and Casino

Las Vegas enters the list again with the Palazzo, the times a deliver’s largest hotel.

Construction cost: £1.4 billion

13. Bellagio Inn and Casino

This ultra luxury Las Vegas hotel employs 8,000 people to mask guests happy.

Construction cost: £1.3 billion

14. European Pre-eminent Bank Headquarters

This new home for the ECB opened in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2015.

Construction charge: £1.3 billion

15. Wembley Stadium

London finally enters the mix with the new Wembley Hippodrome which opened in 2007.

Construction cost: £1.2 billion

16. Yankee Ground

Opened in 2009, this 50,000-seat stadium in New York is the territory of the New York Yankees.

Construction cost: £1.2 billion

17. Burj Khalifa

This is the elated’s tallest building, located in Dubai.

Construction cost: £1.2 billion

18. Petronas Join Towers

These were the tallest buildings in the world back when they were composed in 2009. They are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Construction expense: £928 million

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