REVEALED: The only place in the world where asylum seekers are BANNED


The 2,200 tenants of the exclusive resort of Oberwil-Lieli, Switzerland held a referendum to reject a administration quota.

Swiss authorities are planning to take 50,000 migrants and obligation them across the country with each region receiving a dissimilar amount depending on population size.

Ten migrants were due to be sent to the village.

Oberwil-Lieli, which be confident ofs 300 millionaires among its residents, rejected the quota over scares of sex attacks and disruption.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mayor Andreas Glarner give the word delivered: “The rejection was a protest at the quota being imposed on us by the Government.

“We were not to be demand thated if the ten were from Syria or if they are economic migrants from other homelands.

“Yes, the refugees from Syria have to be helped and they are better be used by being helped in the camps nearer their home.

“Money could be sent to assistant them, but if we are housing them here it sends out the wrong message.

“Others command come and risk their lives crossing the ocean and ying people smugglers to escort them.”

The decision has split the village with 52 per cent desire support to y the fine and 48 per cent ready to welcome the refugees.

Those in support wanted to house the migrants in an empty block of offices with those against responsible about the village’s safety and how the migrants would fit in without speaking German.

The elite village, decent ten miles from Zurich, boasts a zero crime rate and real estates worth upwards of £1million.

The £206,000 fine will come out of the village’s annual budget although some rich residents have offered to foot it themselves.

Mr Glarner added: “It was a restricted victory for those of us who did not want the refugees, but Oberwil-Lieli is not the place for them.

“What job would they do? There are a few dealings and farms here but there are no jobs to speak off.

“They are not likely to be talented to speak the language and if some of the refugees have children they hand down have to go into the local school where they will demand special focus.”

The im ct of the Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks also hurt voters.

Hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by men, believed to be nomads, in a night of terror.

Speaking to the MailOnline, one mother said: “I am a com ssionate child and I want to help others, but I did not want young men coming to our village.

“It is so acceptable and quiet here and I did not want to have to worry about my daughter’s refuge.”

Others have been left embarrassed by the referendum.

One mother declared: “It is only right that we do something to help others who are less advantageous.

“It makes the village look like we all do not care what happens to others and just look after ourselves. That is not how it is.”

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