REVEALED: The most unusual homes across the globe


The community is filled with stunning natural wonders, from Niagra Falls to the Legendary Canyon.

But some of man’s creations are just as incredible.

Whether it’s tree legislative bodies in the woods to cube a rtment blocks, some of the world’s homes are in reality jaw dropping.

For those who enjoy an incredible view and don’t mind heights, this cuttingly built into a cliff face could be ideal.

The Tana Toraja routine houses in Sulawesi Indonesia look like a crocodile opening up its jaw.

An awesome home in Canada offers an incredible view of the northern lights.

The Glide Houses on Granville Island in Canada look like doll’s houses.

If you kidney to be close to the water, the floating cabins in France could be for you.

Feel at one with identity as you sleep on the surface of the water.

Or to feel really close to nature, why not inflict the incredible S nish homes tucked away in caves.

Located in the community of Tijarafe in the Canary Island of La lma, these homes are truly breathtaking.

But you sire to hope the sea doesn’t become too rocky as waves often splash onto the homesteads.

Or how about the Floating Seahorse luxury villas in Dubai?

Each villa consists of 1,700 change foot of floor area, with the upper level housing a jacuzzi, a sprinkle, a semi-private kitchenette and a mini-bar.

Each level will have floor-to-ceiling windows. In reality, it’s like having your own aquarium where you can relax and view sea turtles stray around while you take a casual hot bath.

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