REVEALED: The injuries and illnesses you’re likely to suffer in your lifetime


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The average Brit will suffer 4,944 injuries over the without a doubt of their lifetime

Each year, cuts, bruises, bugs and colds miserable the average adult will be in pain or feel under the weather a whole of 61 times.

On top of that, over the average lifetime, we will also end up with two verrucas and one intermittent bone.

It also emerged more than a third of people brook to being accident-prone, with one in four saying an injury or illness has led to them forgoing an important event such as a birthday party, wedding or even a entombment.

A spokesman for Arnicare, which commissioned the enquiry, said: “We all have times where we feel ill or pick up some good of injury, whether they are minor bruises or colds or more perilous bugs and broken bones.

“But when you add this all up over the 81 years of the ordinarily lifetime, it’s quite staggering to see just how many minor ailments and wrongs we’ll go through.

It’s quite staggering to see just how sundry minor ailments and injuries we’ll go through

Arnicare spokesman

“Luckily, the best part of these bumps and bugs will be minor and won’t really impact on your day-to-day autobiography.

“However, when you see how often a minor ailment or injury will turn up dawn on, you want to make sure you treat everything as quickly as possible to depreciate the time you spend feeling anything less than 100 per cent.”

The ballot of 2,000 adults found the average person will endure 10 migraines a year – 810 over a lifetime.

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The poll of 2,000 of ages found the average person will endure 10 headaches a year

There pass on be nine cuts and bumps a year – 729 over a lifetime – along with 10 injures annually.

Each bruise lasts an average of five days in front disappearing, meaning a total of 50 days a year – almost 11 years past a lifetime – will be spent nursing the black and blue marks.

People purpose also have to put up with 405 colds and sore throats, the tantamount of five a year, while stomach bugs come around twice a year.

The so so adult can also expect to have to deal with 162 blisters remaining their lifetime, along with 243 pulled or strained muscles and 405 turns of heartburn or indigestion.

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Researchers also found the average matured will pay three trips to the doctor each year

Four developments of back pain a year amount to 324 during the average lifetime while 162 events of neck pain also add to the total.

On top of that, there will be one eye infection a year and 81 ear infections or pest over a lifetime.

Finally, cramp or stomach pain will flare up six schedules a year, amounting to 486 in total.

Researchers also found the customary adult will pay three trips to the doctor each year, while they can also calculate to make around four visits to the hospital over a lifetime.

There desire also be a total of two surgeries to go through between birth and the age of 81, as hearty as an average of one broken bone.

Arms were found to be the most simple bone to break, followed by fingers, toes, ankles and legs.

A spokesman for Arnicare added: “One-horse mishaps are often unavoidable, particularly with the fitness trend keep oning to grow and so many people getting out and getting active.

“Over half of 18-24 year olds acquiesced to being clumsy, which can often be enhanced when trying out a new agitate class for the first time and not knowing the moves.

“With summer now being officially here, the behind thing anyone wants is a bruise.”

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