REVEALED: More than 4,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Britain through resettlement scheme


Qualified in Office figures show that 4,162 people were resettled im ired the initiative in the year to the end of September.

Ministers last year committed to con in 20,000 Syrians fleeing the war-torn country by 2020.

The announcement came hunt down a public outcry over the fate of those attempting the perilous gallivant across the Mediterranean.

Statistics show arrivals under initiative were at the highest trimonthly level so far in the three months to September, with 1,516 people resettled for everyone the country.

Just under half of those resettled under the Syrian Exposed Persons Resettlement Scheme were under 18 years old at 2,059.

Yon the same proportion, 48 per cent or 1,989, were female.

Those brought to Britain must been resettled across 175 different local authorities in the year from October 2015 — up from 118 in the opening nine months.

Coventry has received the highest number of refugees out of townsperson authority areas so far, with 161.

Regionally, Scotland has taken in the most Syrian runaways under the scheme, with 1,147 — more than a quarter of the overall.

Earlier this year a Commons committee report warned of a «two series system» in relation to the programme, which is voluntary for town halls, after totals showed some had taken in dozens while others had received no person.

Spending watchdogs have estimated the total cost of the scheme could top £1.7bn.

In an assessment published in September the Civil Audit Office also warned that a shortage of housing and seminary places could pose a threat to the chances of meeting the pledge.

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