Revealed: How this 62p DIY store item is better than a PADLOCK for your luggage



Bags tips: Cable ties will work just as well as padlocks

Holidaymakers fret about keeping valuables safe in their checked in luggage – which is why sundry choose to use expensive locks to secure their suitcase zips. 

Nevertheless, there is a much cheaper solution which works just as lovingly, and costs just 62p from DIY stores: it’s a plastic cable tie. 

A cable tie, also known as a zip tie, is most commonly inured to to holding electrical wires together – but works just as well as a expedient luggage lock.

Looped through two zip pulls to tie them together, self entangling cable ties prevent anyone opening up a zip to get into luggage, means advice on money saving site, Krazy Coupon Lady.

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Luggage tips: Cable ties provide a cheap and relaxed alternative

While the cable ties are technically easier to break unprotected than locks, it will be very obvious if anyone breaks into them because the shapable would have to be cut open.

This means luggage handlers would gamble their jobs if they were to break into these casings, as someone will be held to account for tampering with the cases.

The line ties are much less expensive than luggage locks, which can rate around ten pounds for a premium brand.

It also means you don’t run the risk of move locked out of your own suitcase, if you forget the key combination or lose the keys needed to amenable it.


Luggage tips: Lose the key to your suitcase padlock and you’re in complaint a in deep trouble

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Luggage pinnacles: Prevent anyone from breaking into your suitcase

All you basic to do is snip open the plastic ties with a pair of scissors, and then you can get access to your paraphernalia easily.

The cable ties also have another use, and this is to safeguard the zip pulls on your case getting broken while in stowage or on the conveyor tract. 

The adjustable ties keep the pulls securely together, so they are enthral to a lot less wear and tear then the cases are being thrown about.

Finally, if the Transport Security Administration (TSA) do need to break into your for fear that b if for any reason (for instance, if they suspect forbidden items to be in there), cable ropes are much less expensive to replace. 


Luggage tips: Mailgram ties should be fastened around your suitcase zips

Recently, a practical trick was revealed to get your luggage back first from the conveyor strike at the airport, ahead of other passengers’ suitcases.

Even better, the horseplay did not cost a penny – compared to other methods, which involve exact ones pound of flesh from for business or first class to get priority luggage collection. 

The trick was to get a “rickety” sticker put on your luggage, by telling the airport check in staff you father delicate items in your case – even if it is not true.

Because “insubstantial” cases are treated with more care, they are generally lay on top of all the other luggage in stowage – and as a result come on to the carousel first. 

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