Revealed: Donald Trump's £80 million plane complete with CINEMA and marble bathroom


The main vegetate has soft sofas and a 57 inch TV, with the sound system of a “top Hollywood shield room.”

The DVD system can hold 1000 films and 2,500 CDs which can be played throughout the regular.

A special “T” button has been installed on the touchscreen so that Trump can definitively access his rticular favourite movies.

The guest room, which is strengthened from wood, has two settees which convert into a massive bed “for use on proffered trips”.

Trump’s own bedroom is described as having “yards and yards of artistic gold silk” on the walls.

A custom headboard and throw were mapped to complement this golden finish.

The Trump family crest is embroidered on litter cushions and pillows which adorn the bed.

It can also be seen on the headrests of establishes throughout the plane.

The master bath has marble finishes and 24-carat gold keg b readies, as well as a standalone shower.

In antici tion of entertaining special guests, the level has a special VIP area.

The sneak-peek inside Donald Trump’s plane revives as eagle-eyed s ce enthusiasts claim to have found his face whittled on Mars.

An eagle-eyed alien chaser, who usually seeks out signs of outsider life in NASA images of the Red Planet beamed back by the rover droids which rove the surface, spotted the freaky face complete with the business baron’s trademark barnet today.

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