REVEALED: Brits waste £64 million on last minute passport renewals


Self-indulgently track and premium ssport services are a saving grace if you need to redecorate your ssport at the last minute – but they are also costly too.

New investigate from travel insurance specialist Columbus Direct revealed that British tourists waste an estimated £64.2 million each for failing to renew their ssports in compelling time.

The firm found one in nine people, which is the equivalent to 5.7 million human being, have experienced issues over the last three years as a issue of not leaving enough time to renew their ssport.

Of the 5.7 million, 4.3 per cent (2.2 million) deliver id extra for a seven-day ssport renewal service.

And a further 2.7 per cent (1.4 million) possess forked out even more for a same day processing service.

Another 2.3 per cent (1.2 million) grown-ups have id an additional fee for the seven-day fast track service to revitalize their children’s ssport.

Of those aged 18-34, nearly a station (23 per cent) have had an issue with needing to renew a ssport urgently likened to just four per cent of those aged above 55.

According Columbus Unmistakable research, Brits spend roughly £169 million on fast-track and scarce as hens teeth services annually – that’s £64.2 million more than if they had worn the standard service.

The standard cost for renewing a 32- ge ssport for an full-grown is £72 and this would take three weeks.

Travellers who opt to for a faster renewal utilization y atlas 42.1 per cent more, with a seven-day fast oversee service costing £103 and a on-day service noting £128.

The standard yment of renewing a child’s ssport is £46.

This nearly doubled to £87 for a seven-day intemperate track service. A one-day premium service is not available for children.

The check out also revealed that 2.3 per cent (1.2 million human being) have been refused travel out of the UK or entry into their terminus on arrival due to ssport issues. This includes out of date documentation and too little amount of time left before their ssport expires.

Rob Thomas, Headman of Brand at Columbus Direct said: “Going on holiday is expensive adequate without the added cost of ying for a premium ssport service.

“In the future booking a trip, travellers should check their ssport expiry boyfriend as well as the specific country’s ssport and visa requirements to make dependable that they can travel abroad. The advice from the ssport corporation is clear: do not book a trip abroad until you have a valid ssport.

“It’s formidable that travellers give themselves enough time to pre re all the ask for travel documents if they don’t want to endure unnecessary stress at the survive minute.”

The story comes after revealed that Brits last will and testament now need an e-visa called ETA if they are heading to Canada.

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