REVEALED: Bombshell clip showing Corbyn’s true colours he WON’T want new EU pals to see


The Undertaking Party leader, who has always been sceptical of the European Union rowed to Remain in the lead up to the EU referendum. 

In the footage, which was filmed in 1996, Jeremy Corbyn celebrated his feelings about the Brussels bloc. 

He said: “The other concern is democracy in Europe. 

“You take a European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody. 


In 1996 Jeremy Corbyn hit the ceiled at the EU for being undemocratic

“Powers have gone from resident parliament’s, they haven’t gone to the European Parliament, they should prefer to gone to the Commission and to some extent the Council of Ministers.

“These are utterly serious matters.” 

Mr Corbyn sacked three ministers after they voted against his desire and voted in favour of a Queen’s Speech amendment which would maintenance Britain in the single market after Brexit. 

Despite ordering his MPs not to bear witness on the amendment, 49 Labour MPs voted for Chuka Umunna’s amendment, which highlighted seconds in the party’s Brexit policy. 

You have a European bureaucracy totally uncanny to anybody

Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn faced criticism in the lead up to the latest general election for not being clear over his party’s Brexit position. 

The Labour leader has since insisted that his party will fight for a “employments first” Brexit.

Mr Corbyn again struggled to clarify his position on Brexit, as he avoided a question about whether the party is in favour of remaining in the single Stock Exchange or customs union. 

Speaking to ITV News, he said: “What we are in favour of is a excise free trade relationship with Europe in the future. That is as far as we be suffering with got.

“What it means is we negotiate to achieve the best possible administer for Britain which has to be a trade relationship with Europe.” 

The Labour numero uno snapped back at the reporter after he insisted that the British being needed to know Labour’s clear Brexit position. 

“No you don’t,” Mr Corbyn spoke. “The crucial position is the economic relationship between Britain and Europe in the later. That is the line we have set down.”

Mr Corbyn met with the EU’s chief Brexit arbitrator, Michel Barnier, on Thursday as he went to represent Labour voters scenes in Brussels.

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