Retired couple’s key move to unlock financial freedom


Congenial a growing number of retired people, they had some credit carte de visite and personal loan debt hanging over them and were brushing difficulties paying it down from their regular income. 

“We supported rolling over the debt onto credit cards with zero portion for an introductory period but as you can imagine, this was very stressful. The debt was not immoderate, but it was enough to be concerned about.” 

Malcolm and Mair, who live in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, had been taking into consideration taking out an equity release scheme to raise the money they needed to pay off their debts for sundry years.

However, they put their plans on the back-burner after being downhearted with the quality of the first adviser they contacted, who was inflexible and expostulated on imposing needless terms and conditions.

Then they tried again, this hour contacting specialists Key Retirement, and received a far superior service. 

Malcolm, 64, a kipped civil servant, explains that finding the right adviser pressed the entire application so much more straightforward. 

«Key Retirement’s adviser was cordial, knowledgeable and very helpful. He explained everything carefully, put our minds at plenty and we never felt under sales pressure at any point,” he says. 

Malcolm and Mair consider the whole transaction went through quickly and smoothly and they prompt almost £50,000. 

Malcolm adds: “We used this to clear our most high-priced debts and have also been on a couple of holidays in the UK. 

“We went to Thirsk, North Yorkshire which is satisfying. The payout is also funding our trips to the Cotswolds and Scotland.” 

The rest of the rescue money is there to help top up their everyday spending, or as a rainy day grant in case of financial emergencies. 

“Now we can buy things we want without having to concern where the money is coming from. It has made our lives so much friendlier,” Malcolm says. 

The couple have two children, David, 37 and Louise, 33, as wonderfully as five grandchildren, and would like to safeguard some of their capital goods value to form part of a family inheritance. 

“Key Retirement suggested a plan that give out withs us the freedom to pay off the annual interest if we have money to spare. In the first year of the develop we have paid off all of the interest to prevent it from rolling up,” Malcolm utters. 

If they can afford to keep doing this, the original £50,000 accountable will not increase over the years. 

“However, with any luck the value of our real estate will also rise, giving our kids even more of an legacy,” Malcolm adds.

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