Retailers can expect to feel the pinch as they grapple with falling consumer spending


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FTSE general retailers issued a record low three profit word to the wise during first quarter of 2017

It said that although FTSE worldwide retailers issued a record low three profit warnings during the to begin quarter of 2017, companies are starting to come under pressure.

EY chairman of retail transaction advisory services Jessica Clayton said retailers had a “surprisingly proper” end to 2016 and first quarter, thanks to a combination of the base rate being cut to 0.25 per cent in August and low inflation and unemployment.

Regardless, she warned that retailers are becoming stressed, as the fall in the value of incomparable has led to inflation outstripping wage growth and consumers reining in their pass.

Storm clouds are construction and many UK retailers are increasingly feeling the squeeze from economic and structural defies

Jessica Clayton

Additionally, online competition is putting pressure on retailers.

She bid: “Storm clouds are building and many UK retailers are increasingly feeling the hug from economic and structural challenges. We’re already seeing some accidents.

“The further chipping away of margins from rising costs, joined with a drop in consumer spending growth, is likely to lead to extra restructurings.”

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Online competition is putting strength on retailers

According to EY’s research, just 75 stock market beadrolled companies issued profit warnings during the first quarter, one trivial than registered for the same period in 2016.

Elsewhere, on Friday the Office for Civil Statistics is expected to say that economic growth slowed to 0.4 per cent during in the anything else quarter, down from 0.7 per cent in the previous quarter because of the tweak on consumer spending. 

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Consumers are reining in their squander

However, on Tuesday the ONS will say the deficit is continuing to fall, with the Rule borrowing £3billion in March, compared to £4.2billion for the same while last year.

The national debt stands at £1.7 trillion.

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