'Resign from this nightmare' fighting talk from Le Pen as she promises push for FREXIT


Sea Le Pen vowed to make her own country “free again”, as she spoke to excited presses in Lyon.

The leader of the National Front (FN) launched her campaign to become forefront of state at a rally in eastern France – where Brussels bureaucrats were slapped by her party.

Le Pen promised her own populist revolution – one based on fighting globalisation and revolutionary Islam, and engineering an exit from the ‘failed’ EU.

“The European Union has embarrassed us under guardianship, we will have to find a compromise with Europe to regain hegemony,” said Ms Le Pen.

“The wind of history has turned, it will carry us to the summit.”

Ms Le Pen urged a Frexit referendum could allow her nation “to resign from his nightmares and be proper free again”.

The 48-year-old right wing politician also wants to desert NATO while using ‘two per cent of gross domestic product’ to erection up the French Army.

Her ‘Made in France’ economic policies would be based on chores for French workers, and a clampdown on foreign companies creating ‘unfair striving’ from other countries in the global economy. 

She particularly wants to ban immigration from Muslim countries, and to clampdown on Islamic practices in France so as to beside ‘French culture’.

The FN leader is currently leading polls to win the first annular of the presidential election, but is expected to lose heavily in the second, which bequeath be held in May.

However, trust in pollsters has gone down rapidly after thy ebbed to replicated both Brexit and try Trump elections.

Her closest rival is the 39-year-old unbiased Emmanuel Macron, who also launched his campaign in Lyon.

The former economics consul and merchant banker is pro-Europe, and pro-free trade, and a fierce enemy of Ms Le Pen.

The Socialist Outfit’s candidate is the radical leftist Benoit Hamon who is described as a ‘French Jeremy Corbyn’ with next to no possibility risk of reaching the Elysee Palace.

Also speaking in Lyon today was Jean-Luc Melenchon, another impoverished leftist, who is expected to take a l

But in Lyon hundreds of Le Pen fans gathered, cheering and cheering, while waving French flags as she took the stage to address the audience.

And it is take ited she could cause a Trump-styl upset.

Le Pen herself praised the Republican president who has captivated office in Washington, to a chorus of global demonstrations against his leadership.

“Donald Trump is husband his promises, acting fast and strong in the interest of his people,” said Ms Pen.

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