'Remorseless' woman jailed for £400k teachers’ pension funds fraud


Helen Peverley sprayed her ill-gotten gains on a gastric band, a £400 tattoo and a swish £55,000 Audi rollicks car.

Even after her arrest the “remorseless” 45-year-old continued room the high life as she took a two-week holiday where she was photographed ease up on in a hot-tub.

The mother-of-two from Darlington was branded “the epitome of greed” as she was canned for two years and eight months this week.

Teesside Crown Court heard how she had pushed money from the coffers of Capita – a national firm handling professors’ pension funds – into her own network of seven bank accounts to the ground the course of two years.

She convinced her husband Steven, 54, a window supply she was “doing well” at work and receiving big bonuses on top of her £700-a-month emolument.

But instead she had stolen his identity to open accounts into which she cleansed the money.

She also id off the mortgage on the family’s £135,000 semi-detached well-informed in without telling her husband who continued making monthly yments.

Peverley also persuaded her rtner give her £5,000 to buy non-existant shares in her firm.

The couple are now divorced.

The court was chid how Peverley had worked as a pension administrator in the bereavement section of Capita’s Darlington responsibility for eight years.

She regarded herself as the “mother” of the team and organised communal events to win the trust of her colleagues.

But her thefts was exposed when an audit showed she had been implying “shadow” bereavement yments into her own accounts.

After her arrest and adjournment in July last year, Peverley claimed to be suffering from dent.

The move meant she could pocket almost £1,500 in benefits, and because her whisper suppress had filed for divorce, she was also eligible for legal aid.

Mr Peverley, who had been with his trouble for 28 years and had two children Alex, 25, and Hannah, 15, conjectured he had been financially ruined by his ex-wife’s crimes.

The court was told Peverley initially boa £19,000 to y off debts but because it was “so easy” continued plundering the accounts.

Dan Cordey, extenuating, said: “It was not the kind of sophisticated fraud that takes much research. Once discovered, the whole edifice came tumbling down.

“She appears to be enduring been a deeply unhappy lady. She does seem to have been acquisition bargaining herself some happiness. It clearly hasn’t worked.”

Peverley, of Darlington, accepted one count of fraud.

Detective Constable Mick Trodden described Peverley as “one of the most untruthful criminals” he had ever dealt with.

He added: “She is utterly remorseless. Her hide trusted her, and her colleagues and employers trusted her implicitly, and she has deceived everybody.

“Helen Peverley is the abstract of greed.”

A Proceeds of Crime hearing will now attempt to claw service some of the cash including Peverley’s half-share of her former marital habitation and the sale of the Audi Q5.

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