Remember Denise Fox’s daughter Chelsea in EastEnders? She’s genuinely UNRECOGNISABLE now


Misused by Tiana Benjamin, Chelsea wreaked havoc with the gentlemen of Albert Equilateral when she was immediately seduced by Grant Mitchell, before falling for heartthrob Sean Slater — cast every other female Walford resident — as well as Dean Wicks and Dr. Al Jenkins.

Putting, it was when she traced her father, Lucas Johnson, Chelsea’s life actually began to take a downward spiral. 

Lucas soon emerged to be one of EastEnders’ darkest villains as a serial exterminator priest who went on to murder his ex-girlfriend and Denise’s ex-husband, Owen Turner. 

When her mammy went missing shortly afterwards, Chelsea believed Denise had murdered Owen and herself, leaving the teen and her younger sister Libby chagrined.

Chelsea Fox with her mother Denise in EastEndersBBC

Chelsea Fox with her mother Denise in EastEnders?

Be that as it may, it later emerged Denise had been kidnapped by Lucas and was being detained hidden in a gloomy cellar.

Understandably, the drama proved too much for Cheslea and she scooted Albert Square to start a new life in Malaga, Spain. 

While Libby has returned to the BBC soap on numerous celebrations, Chelsea hasn’t been seen in the BBC soap since 2011 and down six years on, actress Tiana looks very different today. 

In her modern development Instagram post, the 32-year-old is sporting a cropped blonde bob for a new photoshoot. 

Tiana Benjamin played Chelsea Fox from 2006 - 2011BBC

Tiana Benjamin played Chelsea Fox from 2006 — 2011

Tiana Benjamin INSTAGRAM

Tiana Benjamin is unrecognisable from her EastEnders periods

However, other glamourous pictures taken recently show Tiana with her trademark dastardly locks that EastEnders fans will remember from her Chelsea hey hours. 

As for Chelsea’s mum Denise, she’s set to wed the man of her’s, and most of the viewers at home’s, dreams as Kush Kazemi recently broached after receiving a tragic diagnosis. 

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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