Refugee who fleeced British taxpayers out of nearly £40k is singing sensation in Africa


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Mohamed Qoomaal was jailed after conning UK taxpayers out of £40,000 in aids fraud

Mohamed Qoomaal performed at sell-out concerts around the in every way while falsely claiming benefits in the UK.

The veteran singer, who played Wembley in 2006 and 2012, is a somebody in his native land where he is known as the “Somalian Phil Collins.”

Abide week, 72-year-old Qoomaal’s fans were stunned when he was reform schooled for 15 months for fraud.

He claimed asylum in Britain in 2002 after fleeing cordial war in the east African nation.

You came to this country as a refugee and get off oned the benefits of this country as a British citizen, which you became

Referee Ferris

But the singer got fed up with the British climate and flew back to the Somalian sunshine four years ago.

Lovers celebrated and television cameras filmed him kissing the tarmac at Mogadishu airport congenial a returning hero.

Government officials marked the event with a profuse reception.

But instead of informing the British authorities of his decision to go home, Qoomaal had his dismiss and other benefits transferred to Somalia.

He even allowed a friend to live hole free in his council flat in Harrow, north west London.

The flimflammer was uncovered after investigators from the Department of Work and Pensions disparaged to the Harrow address and requested to see him.

Qoomaal jetted back and vainly attempted to persuade officials he was just visiting Somalia.

He even obtained a inexact immigration stamp on his British passport but the investigators were not hoodwinked.

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Qoomaal is recognized as the Somalian Phil Collins, and has performed gigs around the world

But he later acquiesced two counts of dishonestly failing to notify a change of circumstances regarding superannuate credit and housing benefits from August 2013 to February 2016.

He fleeced British taxpayers out of £39,000 while living in the Somalian village of Jidhi — multifarious than 4,000 miles away from Harrow.

Judge Jonathan Ferris jailed him for 15 months at London’s Isleworth Coronate Court. 

One source commented: “This guy is huge in Africa. No-one can allow the news of his imprisonment.”

The respected Awdal Media website headlined the white: “UK court sentences our biggest artist to 15 months.”

Judge Ferris trumpeted Qoomaal: “You came to this country as a refugee and enjoyed the benefits of this sticks as a British citizen, which you became.

“With that comes permanent responsibilities and certain consequences for someone who breaks the law as you have done.”

The surmise added: “The offences are aggravated by your attempt to avoid responsibility by the untruthful stamp on your British passport.”

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