Rebel Tories mobilising on social media to keep hard Brexiteer from No10 and block no deal


Tory MPs attired in b be committed to signalled they would be willing to bring down the Government to keep a hard Brexit under the leadership of the next Prime Minister. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Course seek out, the remaining candidates in the race to Number 10, have said they pass on both be willing to take Britain out of the European Union without a formal accord to avoid a further delay in the deadline. Mr Pienaar told BBC Politics Glowing several Tories in Parliament have been planning for a vote of no boldness in the future Prime Minister on social media: “As far as I can make out from the talks that I’ve had, these rebels – these potential rebels inside the Oversight and outside – would much rather not have to do that.

“The threat of being stopped in a vote of no confidence, potentially bringing down the Government, potentially the final blow the premiership of the next leader as soon as it has begun, that may make that number one think again.

“So strongly do they feel that a no deal Brexit would be politically and economically self-harm to the territory, that they are looking at this possibility. Talking to each other in unofficial meetings, Cabinet ministers sympathetic and knowing these conversations are successful on, or talking on What’s App and social media.”

The Tory leadership contest in the course which the Conservative Party is in the process of selecting their next numero uno is set to conclude by July 22.

With Parliament scheduled to go into summer rest on July 25, MPs would have three days to call for a opt of no confidence in the new head of the Government.

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Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood on Monday betokened at least 12 Tory MPs would be willing to vote against the Supervision in the event of a vote of no confidence.

The Tory Party currently has 312 MPs and judges on the support of the 10 DUP MPs since Theresa May struck a supply and demand see to with the Northern Irish party after the 2017 General Designation.

Losing a dozen MPs in a vote of no confidence would leave the new Prime Ambassador 10 members short to secure a safe majority to lead the Direction. 

Speaking to Panorama, Mr Ellwood said: “I think a dozen or so members of Parliament choice be on our side, would be voting against supporting a no deal, and that desire include ministers as well as backbenchers.”

Father of the House Ken Clarke declared he would be willing to join his rebellious colleagues to bring down the Sway in order to avoid a no deal Brexit. 

The Rushcliffe MP said: “If it’s heading for a no act simply because the Government can’t go round doing anything then, yes, I contemplate I would.

“I am a life-long Conservative, that means I am pro-business, I am in favour of casual markets, I am in favour of free trade and I think all of those should be blend with a strong social conscience because I am a one nation Conservative.”

Mr Clarke added: “It sway trigger an election, it might trigger a change of Government without an nomination under the law we now have.”

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who has emerged as the most-supported MP to gain Mrs May in Number 10 after four rounds of ballots, insisted he disposition ensure the UK leaves the EU “with or without a deal” on October 31.

Despite charming a more pondered approach to Brexit, Mr Johnson’s opponent Jeremy Chase also admitted he would be willing to greenlight a no deal “in extremis” if no substitute solution is found to the controversial withdrawal deal the Commons rejected three habits. 

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