Rear she is! Kim Kardashian posts VERY provocative clips on brand new Instagram


The authenticity star has made a brand new “Kimoji” Instagram account and has bared some of the most bosom rts of her body in the process.

Just days after sharing a side hope of her twerking bottom, the 36-year-old star has gone one step further and rceled a clip of her ample posterior shaking in all of its glory.

Kim – who has been on hiatus from Instagram and Ado after she was robbed at gunpoint in October – yesterday shared a snap of her sizeable bust favouritism against somebody’s scantily-clad behind.

Keeping cryptic, the beauty has captioned all of her les: “December 16,” perhaps alluding to the release of a new Kimoji range.

Earlier this week, Kim divest oneself of down to racy lingerie to mark the twelfth day of Christmas for Love Journal’s advent calendar.

Set against a backdrop that resembled the Northern Obscures, the social media maestro seductively writhed around in a pink bondage-inspired tally that looked as though it was struggling to contain her ample assets.

Regardless of being famed for her curves, Kim instead teased audiences by concealing her awe-inspiring physique beneath a large fur jacket.

The clips come on the back foot of what require been a difficult few months for the mother-of-two.

Just last month, Kim was feigned to rush to husband Kanye West’s side after he suffered a review on stage.

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