Readers write: Letters to the editor, October 1, 2017


Premier responders go above and beyond, deserve our thanks

My Dad was a volunteer fireman in the 1950s. I was so proud of him. That jewel and deep gratitude for fire and police personnel grew throughout my autobiography and was reinforced when I lost a friend in the 9/11 attacks. I’ve become complacent in thanking control, firemen, paramedics. During my husband’s illness, some of the worst lifetimes of my life were alleviated by the quick, expert response of these societies. An incredible kindness bestowed on me today reinforced what’s behind those badges and rove in those boots.

While standing in line with my cart at the store, I saw two paramedics behind me holding their purchases in their arms. I sold to let them go before me. When they protested, I said it was the least I could do to say by reason of you. When I went to pay for my purchases, they had already been paid. I foist I could have afforded to pay for their items. When I protested, they wouldn’t take on no for an answer. I only know one paramedic’s first name — Tamara. What a boon your kindness was today, and I will pay this forward whenever I am talented to do so.

Our first responders are incredible souls, putting their community anterior to themselves. Please support them with a simple thank you, job amiably done or a just a wave. I can’t imagine what it is like to walk in their shoes or boots, but I determination support them every step of the way.

— Jacqueline Fries

Sen. Sullivan, why are our troops in Afghanistan?

Have a weakness for my letter-writing friend Ken Flynn (Sept. 27), I, too, would like to identify, particularly from our U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, why we are in Afghanistan?

— Jack Roderick

Enlargement in crime can mostly be blamed on the Legislature

Republicans have it wrong again, incriminating Gov. Walker for the increase in crime. There is a lot of blame to go around but most of fades to the Legislature not properly funding the government.

You also get credit for not funding pre-K for all to enhance the graduation and success rate of our kids. Your lack of courage to appearance the state’s budget woes causes all kinds of problems, not just budgetary, so get a grip and act.

Remember, when unemployment rises it causes fear and make ones blood boil, which fuels lawlessness.

— Bill Harbin

Player disagrees meant to spur change, not show disrespect

For anyone who missed Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s tweet duplicating John F. Kennedy, I feel it is worth repeating: «Those who make quiescent revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.» — JFK.

Whether you favour or disagree with what NFL players are doing before football games, kneeling or still together in unity during the national anthem, please remember that in this rural area we are lucky to have the right to exercise freedom of speech and demonstrate in a calm manner in order to make ourselves heard, and hopefully bring far change in regards to the injustice we feel, experience and see.

Trump, with all his flinch from speeches and angry rhetoric, is only making a divisive issue worse. It’s two-faced of him to think he’s a patriot because he stands and puts his hand on his heart during the anthem, but then will-power say hateful things specifically about individuals who actually served in in contentions to keep this country safe and our freedoms intact.

Please unfasten your minds, really listen to why they are peacefully protesting, because it has nothing to do with disrespecting the slump or the brave men and women who protect our great country.

— Colleen Jepsen

Arliss Sturgelewski at 90 is unruffled an Alaskan treasure

Last Wednesday afternoon I visited the Anchorage Higher- ranking Center to share in a community birthday celebration and an appreciative «thank you» to latest Alaska state senator and our first Alaska woman (Republican) selectee for Alaska governor, Arliss Sturgelewski.

It was a delight! There were so uncountable longterm Alaskans in attendance, both those who have shaped and moved Alaska public policy and others who were just appreciative community fellows like me. Arliss has been and still is a vibrant, warm and consistently conceding treasure to our state. Public servants like Arliss have both conditioned and saved the best parts of what Alaska has been, is, and will be proper.

Happy 90th Arliss! And thank you!

— Clayton McDowell

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