Readers write: Letters to the editor, May 2, 2016


Democrats are not behind gibberish or welfare problems

Susan Brown (ADN, April 27) took cause clebre with trash people toss along highways, and I totally coincide, it’s disgusting. Then, in the most egregious non sequitur I’ve ever seen, Brown denigrated supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and the candidates themselves, as placement aside personal responsibility.
Brown ap rently believes Democrats see control as a cure-all for everything. But that’s a smokescreen for Republicans who seem to think merchandises (plus their brand of “morality” and waving the flag) are a cure-all for the entirety. Democrats believe in a healthy balance between markets, communities and ministry. (I myself often pick up trash along trails and streets, as do others in my forebears and community.)
If I were going to look for exemplars of selfishness and disregard for so to speaks on the physical environment, I would look to extraction and manufacturing industries, which oftentimes pollute while being protected by Republicans.
If I were going to look for exemplars of selfishness and attention to for effects on the social environment, I would look to the financial industry, which crashed our conciseness in 2008 while being protected by Republicans.
But I wholeheartedly support Brown’s naughty that work is much better than welfare. Now especially — with animate rates and inflation both low — if the federal government would provide funding to specifies and communities, we could offer work to everyone who wanted to work at a livable least wage, thereby reducing the necessity for welfare while generating mercantile growth, causing wages to rise while generating more tax receipts. There’s not only trash to be picked up, but lots of other public enkindle to be done too.
— Rick Wicks

Simple steps for Meyer’s breakfasts

ADN reported on April 28 that lobbyists for the developers of the lawmakers’ Anchorage aegises bought Senate President Kevin Meyer a $100 meal a week in preference to the vote on the purchase of the property. The article suggested Sen. Meyer was puzzled at the hint of ying for his meals when he dined out, saying: “We could y for our own way. … I’m rightful trying to think how that would work.”
Well here’s how it moils, senator:
Step 1. Bring your wallet when you nosh out;
Step 2. After finishing your meal and receiving the look into, remove your wallet from your pocket;
Step 3. Do in your credit card from your wallet;
Step 4. ss out your credit card to the server or cashier.
If you forget the steps, I’m reliable any of your voting-age constituents will help you.
— Ann Sugrue

Voters leave make Meyer y

Sen. Kevin Meyer has debunked the theory, “There is no such stuff as a free lunch.”
However, in his next election cycle the voters power make him y.
— Ken Flynn

Support Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act to honor size ups

I urge you to support the HR 333, the “Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act,” introduced by U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr. Utility members who have served a full career and have sustained helplessness due to their service should receive their full compensation of both retirement and powerlessness y — no matter the disability rating. Likewise, those who have served and bear been medically retired before reaching a full career, should be recompensed appropriately without any offset.
The Air Force Sergeants Association represents all stylish and former Air Force members and, as a member, I see this as a priority for this Congress to swindle action on. Please do all you can to help ss this legislation. Those who opportune this nation and are im cted by that arduous service, deserve no brief. I respectfully request a response so I can know where you stand on this situation.
— Jamie Swanston

League of Women Voters wants sex-ed tab change to stop STDs

The League of Women Voters of Alaska (is perturbed about current requirements in education bill HB 156 regarding the vital topic of sex education. Section 18 of the bill requires the preapproval for both sex upbringing teachers’ credentials and curriculum by school boards for public review. This rights an undue burden on smaller school districts and has the potential to increase the gait of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies in Alaska’s teen denizens by reducing teen access to important information on human sexuality.
Access to sex lesson is at risk nationwide. The Journal of Adolescent Health reports, for the period stretch overing 2006-2013, a decline in the “receipt of formal sex education and low rates of rental communication” on the of inquiry of sex for those aged 15 to 19. This was rticularly true in georgic areas, and the decline was largest for females, equaling a 10 percent pinch in access to sex education.
The league supports the rental right to opt out of sex education rates, but removing this education from all students would have a denying health effect. The league urges the Legislature, should HB 156 notified of another vote, to remove Section 18 as it may result in smaller way of life districts avoiding this important curriculum piece altogether.
The In collusion with of Women Voters represents 200 members in Anchorage, Juneau, Tanana Valley and Prime Kenai Peninsula.
— Judy Andree, chair LWVAK Legislative Proceeding

Murkowski stokes vendetta

Is Sen. Lisa Murkowski bored, does she not get enough on her plate helping to run the United States, or does she have some secret agenda against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service? Why is she taking the time to micromanage the amenities by inserting language, naming three uninhabited Aleutian and Alaska Peninsula cays, into the federal budget to prohibit the agency from ridding wilderness cays of invasive and destructive species? Something smells and it is not the cows on Chirikof.
— David Irons

Meyer’s math scoops spell trouble

So the president of the Alaska Senate, Kevin Meyer, is baffled greater than the concept of asking the wait staff in a restaurant for “se rate checks” when feasting with a registered lobbyist. This is the same person in charge of the Senate’s feats to solve the state’s multibillion dollar fiscal problems.
We are in very honest trouble, my fellow Alaskans.
— ul Laverty

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