Readers write: Letters to the editor, February 19, 2018


Swamp is oodles full

Sooooooo. … The DC “swamp” got drained with this regulation? Now we have a Great Lake sized pond filled with hugely authorized secretaries who travel high-class as they aren’t treated nice with those of us who fly crammer. Oh, and a VA executive who takes a questionable trip with his wife because it is censorious to vets that he/she know all about tennis in England, Hummmmm? Swamp doesn’t look so bad without delay now.

— Beverly Metcalfe

Guns certainly do kill people

You be sure the saying “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” If you believe this, then you for to educate yourself. Let’s start with some facts: 62 percent of firearm deaths are suicides, 90 percent of strove suicides with a gun will die while over 90 percent of those shot ats by other means will live. Seven children are killed with guns in the U.S. a day. On middling 96 people are killed with guns in the U.S. every day. There are 13,000 gun homicides a year in the U.S. For every one actually killed with a gun, two more are injured.

Why is this happening here? Why are Americans 25 multitudinous times likely to be murdered by a gun than any other country? Because the gun lobbyists mechanism our senators. Murkowski and Sullivan are not driven by the need to keep guns out of our children’s manual labourers or to keep us safe. No, they are servants to the NRA. In 2015 both senators voted to obstruct efforts to pass a common-sense gun law right after the deadliest mass race. This somehow has turned into a political battle between the Democrats and the Republicans. It shouldn’t be. Humour, Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan, it is time to do the right thing and have a bipartisan gossip about some common-sense gun laws. I, for one, do not want to open the paper and be familiar with about another mass shooting in a school full of innocent juveniles.

— Mary Ripp
Eagle River

Trump on Gold Star progenies

We have seen how Trump expresses appreciation to Gold Star families. His nasty call to Ms. Johnson in which he reminded her that her husband had volunteered. Only just the tender touch you would expect from the President of the United Circumstances.

Can we forget his treatment of the Kahns? Not only whose son volunteered but emigrants whose son atmosphere he needed to show that his religion too believed in our stated ideals. At no the ideal many of use believe in.

Trump’s contribution to the military? Bone prompts. Funny how our last two Republican presidents made sure they did not of use. Judge them by what they do, not what they preach.

— Gregory Schmitz

A UA program value funding

As the governor, state Senate and state House weigh concerns back the revenue coming in versus spending going out, I hope they contend against the time to 1) familiarize themselves with how University of Alaska Scrutiny benefits the state of Alaska, 2) visit the people and laboratories that earn up the University of Alaska Research machine and, 3) learn about the value combined by funding the University of Alaska at the board of regents ask. University of Alaska Study laboratories, staff, faculty, and students further Alaska’s natural resource concision through assisting mines with reaching their exploration and maturity goals (examples: Red Dog, Fort Knox, Pogo, Kensington, and Greens Inlet).

The University of Alaska Research machine also provides a framework for hydrocarbon observation in frontier basins like the Nenana Basin and frontier formations get off on the Nanushuk of the North Slope. University of Alaska Research has investigated the geothermal stick-to-it-iveness potential of Chena Hot springs and Pilgrim Hot Springs. University of Alaska Enquiry has also assisted in natural hazard assessments (examples: earthquakes, bevel for the infrastructure (ex. trans-Alaska pipeline, Goldstream Valley permafrost mapping). University of Alaska Experimentation has benefited the timber industry, fishery industry, and the state’s game top brass. University of Alaska Research has also helped further the food and military deposit of our state. Visit a large mine in Alaska and ask where folks were rear, and it will be clear University of Alaska Research is synonymous with workforce enlargement. Next time you think you see the University of Alaska Research community with a give out out, shake it for we are all in this together.

— Jeff Benowitz

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