Read This Man's Protective Response to a Complaint Against His Brother With Down Syndrome


Equitable when we had some hope for the world, we hear another infuriating exclusive to quickly sober us up. A restaurant customer reported a health code profaning upon seeing a man named Andrew Ankar with Down syndrome exploit in the kitchen. The employee not only works there at Ankar’s Hoagies in Oakland, CA, but he and his household own the restaurant as well.

In response to the unbelievable complaint, Andrew’s brother Alex assumed to Facebook in a post that explained how his younger brother has been inscribing his time and effort to helping maintain the restaurant ever since their initiator ssed away. “From greeting customers to cleaning the nibbling room to working the grill, Andrew works tirelessly to make steady our business is a success — and he does it all with a smile on his face,” Alex recorded.

He continued to rightfully defend his brother by saying how Andrew’s ca city to fondness is endless and how “he knows no hate.” Rather than going off on the tron, Alex urged readers to accept one another, differences and all. “He’s not the im ired one, we are.” Read his full response in the post ahead.

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