RBS shares sink ahead of Bank of England stress test results


Dole outs slid to 268.20p per share at lunchtime, a decline of 1 per cent on the open as buyers nervously eye the results of the BoE report, which assesses the ability of banks to defy financial shocks.

RBS was the only one of the seven major banks to fail the study last year, with the UK central bank ordering it to shore up a again £2 billion in capital reserves to make sure it can withstand a outstanding crisis.

The result of the test will be of particular interest to Chancellor Philip Hammond, who in his Budget newest week said he is hoping to make £15 billion from the traffic of RBS shares over the next five years.

RBS is still majority owned by the UK oversight (71 per cent), which was forced to bail it out to the tune of £45 billion in 2008.


RBS failed BoE anguish tests in 2016

George OsborneGETTY

Former Chancellor George Osborne sold RBS pieces at a £1 billion loss in 2015

Departed Chancellor George Osborne sold a tranche of shares in 2015, disburdening a 5 per cent stake for 303p — well below the 502p the government refunded for them and amounting to a loss of £1 billion for the UK tax-payer. 

On Wednesday the UK’s Responsibility for Budget Responsibility published a report stating that the UK government darings a £26.2 billion pound loss on its stake in RBS based on current portion prices, with most analysts predicting that prices command never return to 2008 levels.

RBS was forced to shore up an extra £2 billion last year GETTY

RBS was forced to shore up an further £2 billion last year

Peter Hahn, professor of banking at the London Start of Banking and Finance, told Reuters: “The government bought the shares all but 10 years ago, RBS is a very different bank today, so there is no way it can refund the money it spent bailing it out. 

«This is a realisation from the government it is interval to move on.”

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