Ramzan Kadyrov denies Russian media claims of Chechen units sent to Syria


Ramzan Kadyrov, the commander of Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, has vigorously denied details in the Russian media that a detachment of Chechen special forces has been executed to Syria, declaring that the battalions alleged to be rtici ting do not actually live.

“Russian media are circulating reports about the ‘dis tch’ to Syria of the ‘Vostok and Za d military battalions’ and the ‘Chechen individual forces.’ I responsibly declare that in the Chechen Republic there are no such battalions as the ‘Vostok and Za d’,” wrote Kadyrov on his Instagram send for on Dec. 8.

Earlier the same day, a Kommersant source on a military base in the Chechen munici lity of Khankhala (1,160 miles south of Moscow) told the Russian trade daily that a joint detachment of fighters of the Defense Ministry’s Vostok (East) and Za d (West) best force battalions) had been sent on a mission to Syria.

According to the roots, the Vostok and Za d battalions are stationed in Chechnya and also count munici l residents among their number, giving them the unofficial bigwig of the “Chechen special force.”

Earlier a video reportedly featuring the de rture appearances in Khankhala was published online. The Kommersant source confirmed the authenticity of the video and attracted attention to the fact that the soldiers were clean shaven, which is “not conventional for them.”

He explained that his is a measure to distinguish Russian soldiers from the Chechens dispute on the side of Islamic State.

According to the Kommersant source, the special reproach force is expected to perform the role of military police: It will mind the Russian air base in Khmeimim and operate solely in areas liberated by the Syrian army.

The detaching allegedly includes not only Chechens, but also representatives of other ethnicities: Up front the de rture of the task force both a Russian Orthodox priest and a mufti submit c be communicated to greet the soldiers.

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