Rainbow Bagels Exist and They Are Too Magical to Handle


The magical bakers at The Bagel Put by in Brooklyn, NY, have recently taken over the Internet with their wonderful the universe, the Rainbow Bagel, proving once and for all that, yes, we can have nice things.

Bagel Stow away owner Scot Rossillo has been making these beauties for 20 years now, but they receive only recently become a viral sensation thanks, in rt, to a video from Insider Bread, shown below, that details the belabored process of making them.

Brooklynites are escape their minds over this spectacular rainbow bagel.

Posted by INSIDER subsistence on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Though it may taste like a plain bagel, a Rainbow Bagel be lacks double the work. The Bagel Store’s process involves dyeing the dough with neon edibles coloring, se rating the various colors in different piles, layering the colors on top of each other, and then slip them into one multicolored string.

Priced at $3.95, the bagel is also typically eaten with funfetti cream cheese and sprinkles, because duh. Non-New York citizens need not worry: The Bagel Store ships nationwide.

Here, see innumerable photos of the new food trend that has everybody tripping out.

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