RAF jet loaded with missiles damaged after colliding with stray DOG at 200mph


The Tornado GR4 was touchdown at the British base RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus when the collision occurred.

Hundreds of thousands of cudgels worth of re irs were reportedly needed to the plane’s undercarriage after the jet punch the animal at 200mph.

The pilot and navigator considered ejecting as the jet was too low to abort the pier.

But it managed to land safely without injuring either crew associate.

A refuelling tanker that had been accom nying the fighter jet during its aim to strike jihadi positions was forced to circle for half an hour up front safely landing.

A source told The Sun: ” cks of strays wander the base for food. There’s no money to do anything about them, tently.

“Everyone is s****ing themselves about a major incident.”

An RAF spokesperson upheld: “An RAF Tornado GR4 hit a feral dog. The aircraft has returned to service.”

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