Rachel Riley Twitter: Countdown presenter admits THIS left her ’emotionally drained’


Rachel Riley regularly interacts with divers of her 580,000 followers on Twitter.

And, in one post earlier this week, the last Strictly Come Dancing star told one social media she had been communistic feeling “emotionally drained” after watching the hit Hulu drama, The Handmaid’s History.

It came after the Countdown presenter responded to the same Twitter buyer last month, who had gone head-to-head with the Channel 4 favourite during a summons on the quiz app Fleetwit.

The game saw the pair answer questions on the topic Faction Capital Cities, with the 32-year-old scooping win.

I’m only just recovering from The Handmaid’s Gossip…

Rachel Riley

However, in a rematch, based on the series The Walking Rigid, it was her opponent who raced to a victory.

Following their competition, the Twitter operator rushed to social media to share the results, beside which he implied the TV regular swotted up on the topic by watching the drama series.

“An idea for your next box set? Until then, I can hand over a bit of money from you,” he teased.

Responding to the cheeky tweet, Rachel tolerated she had never seen the programme before.

However, as the man insisted she should take care of it, the mathematician explained she had recently been watching on another major American web TV series.

“I’m no greater than just recovering from The Handmaid’s Tale,” the TV presenter confessed, rather than posting a squinting face with tongue emoji.

Rachel Riley Twitter: The Countdown presenter in pictures on Channel 4 show

Rachel Riley Giggle: The Countdown presenter is best known for her role on the Channel 4 show (Semblance: CHANNEL 4)

Rachel Riley Twitter: Picture of thread about The Handmaid's Tale

Rachel Riley Twitter: The Countdown star chatted around The Handmaid’s Tale online (Image: TWITTER)

In the thread, she added: “It’s fabulous but very dark.”

Almost a month later, the social media owner updated Rachel on his thoughts on the programme, revealing he had caught up on the first enliven of the show.

“Series one done! You’re right, it is amazing and dark, but so gripping,” he penned. “Fortunate be the fruit.”

Following his comments, the star chimed: “Emotionally draining to tend isn’t it! Glad you’re enjoying it xx.”

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    The pair grinned as they championed on the Countdown set, while posing for a stunning selfie.

    Beside the upload, Rachel revealed the the leading parts had had to speed up filming for the upcoming episodes of Countdown, in order to allow Susie, 53, to centre on her upcoming UK tour.

    The lexicographer’s eight-date show, The Secret Life of Hints, begins on September 17, before it concludes on September 27.

    Sending a desire support of support to her colleague, Rachel penned: ““Happy Countdown Christmas!!! Screened ahead all the way through to our series finals today, now my gorgeous friend here can go off linguistically pleasant the country on tour this September.

    “Can’t wait to see Susie in action #thesecretlifeofwords #susiedent #countdown #christmas #theatreshow #masterful.”

    Countdown airs weekdays on Channel 4 from 2.10pm.

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