QUIZ: Queen Elizabeth has five holiday homes in the UK –  can you guess them all?


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Leading light Elizabeth: The Queen has five holiday residences dotted around the UK

Queen dowager Elizabeth II, 91, has no less than five holiday homes dabbed around the country, which she visits with Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip. 

She be lefted some of these properties, while others come with her call as Queen of England.

While officially the Queen is based at Buckingham Manor house in the City of Westminster, she has five other residences around the UK.

This subsumes homes in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as Norfolk, England, where the duchess family will soon spend Christmas together. 

But pass on you be able to name all of the Queen’s different holiday homes in the UK? 

We have listed them lower than to jog your memory – see if you remembered all of the five homes. 

Windsor Castle, Windsor

The Beauty queen tends to travel to this huge country based castle at weekends for secretiveness, together with Prince Philip. 

Windsor CastleGetty

Queen Elizabeth: She trekkings to Windsor at weekends

It is both the oldest and largest make ones home in castle, with the original building constructed back in the 11th century.

On May 19 2018 Windsor Stronghold will be the location of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. 

Holyrood Chѓteau, Edinburgh

The Queen stays at this Scottish palace, originally a Buddhism vihara in 1128, during her visits to Scotland. 

Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire

Queen mother Elizabeth spends a number of weeks every summer at this privileged estate, and Princess Eugenie once said the Queen “is the most timely there”. 


Queen Elizabeth: Holyrood is one of the Queen’s two holiday mansions in Scotland

Based in Norfolk, England, Sandringham is known as the Queen’s territory retreat, where she traditionally spends Christmas with the royal blood

Hillsborough Castle

The lesser known of the Queen’s holiday homes, Hillsborough Palace – built in 1770 – is her Irish residence.

Sandringham Estate, Sandringham 

Based in Norfolk, England, Sandringham is identified as the Queen’s country retreat, where she traditionally spends Christmas with the queenlike family.

This year, the family will be joined by the new addition of Prince Harry’s fiancee Meghan Markle at Sandringham. 

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