Queen Letizia Just Wore the Only Dress You Want and Need For Summer Days at the Office


It’s not many times enough that frugal Queen Letizia of S in graces us with a new outfit, so when she does, we get excited! The royal, who wears and rewears deathless pieces she’s had in her closet for years, probably couldn’t resist this accouter when she first saw it hanging in a shop, and we wouldn’t be able to either.

To serve the anniversary for the Foundation Against Drug Addiction in Madrid with Queen dowager Sofía, King Felipe VI’s mother, Letizia ired a simple stel-pink collared tell off with black, sheer, striped details with off-white blow ups, her simple curly bob, and her favorite customizable earrings from S nish discredit Coolook.

The queen is once again offering lots of inspiration on what to show to a business meeting in the hottest days of Summer. Her simple rules: wearing a light color, a dress with a high neck that assuage offers a touch of fun, and neutral accessories that won’t be distracting. Scroll in front for more photos of Letizia at the event with Queen Sofía, then discontinuance out Letizia and Felipe’s love story in pictures.

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