Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch did this shocking thing to Prince Philip on royal tour


Cynosure Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited the USA in July 1976 to celebrate the bicentenary of the Promulgation of Independence. American writer Susan Crossland accompanied the tour and examined how the royal couple behaved with one another. She noted on one occasion that the Star did not attempt to hide her frustration with her husband. In fact, Elizabeth was altogether vocal with her feelings, according to Crossland, and snapped at him.

Royal initiator Sarah Bradford quoted the writer in her 2012 book Queen Elizabeth II: Her Vivacity in Our Times.

“On one occasion when Philip was sounding off about something, the Monarch said to him quite sharply, ‘Oh Philip, do shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking far’,” Crossland said.

However, according to Bradford, it was the Queen’s “utter naturalness” around Crossland and her husband, Tony Crossland, the UK Foreign Secretary, that the journo took from the episode.

She also showed “great aplomb” when bad brave struck the Royal Yacht Britannia.

“When Britannia ran into a Make 9 gale two days out of Bermuda, en route to Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, the Diva exhibited great aplomb at dinner when most of the party, containing her husband, were ashen-faced,” wrote Bradford.

The author quoted Crossland’s biography Tony Crossland: “The Beauty queen rose to say goodnight, resting one hand against the handle of the open ignoring door which at that moment began sliding shut, Britannia have planned failed to take a breathing space before heaving over again.

“The Star gripped the handle firmly, pressed her back to the door and moved with it as it decreased slowly shut, her chiffon scarf flying in the opposite direction.

“‘Wheeeee,’ imagined the Queen. Britannia shuddered, reeled again. The chiffon scarf make good ones escaped the other way.

“‘Wheeeee,’ said the Queen. Britannia hesitated before the next pitch. ‘Goodnight’ said the Queen slipping through the door, Prince Philip half a step behind her…

“When we foregathered in the drawing room before lunch [the next day] complexions were gambler than the evening before.

“‘I have never seen so many adept and grim faces around a dinner table,’ said the Queen.

“She paused. ‘Philip was not all that likely.’ She paused. ‘I’m glad to say.’ She giggled. I’d forgotten that her Consort is an Admiral of the Squadron…”

Elizabeth wasn’t always so self-assured while away on royal perambulations, however.

The royal couple visited the USA and Canada in 1951 and it came at a stressful measure for the Queen as her father was very ill.

The Queen – then a Princess – was criticised by Canadians for not grinning enough. 

“In Canada crowds wildly applauded Prince Philip but criticised the Princess for her unsmiling look,” canceled Bradford.

Time magazine reported at the time: “Instead of the poised and magic beauty most Canadians had expected, she was nervous and inarticulate.”

Bradford rationalized: “Apart from worrying about her father, she had not yet discovered the skill with pours that came so easily to her mother and husband.”

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