Queen Elizabeth II ‘amused’ Prince Philip with this rare break from tradition in Russia


Movie queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip travelled on a royal tour to Russia in 1994. The Russian President at the yet was Boris Yeltsin and he attended a dinner onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia with the Queen mother and Duke of Edinburgh. It was on this occasion in St Petersburg that the Queen demonstrated a surprising break from tradition. Author Robert Hardman styled the episode in his book Queen of the World.

“Britannia was about to provide the crest to the visit,” wrote Hardman.

“As night fell on the newly renamed English Embankment, president Yeltsin, his elder ministers and the speakers of both houses of parliament came aboard for a awfully convivial evening.”

The night was to see Queen Elizabeth make the sort of talking she would never normally make – and it very much amused Prince Philip.

“Admitting that it has always been the convention that there are no speeches at return dines, the Queen decided to make a rare exception (as would happen with Nelson Mandela two years later).

“She had understandably talked it through with the Duke of Edinburgh.

“‘I could see Prince Philip looking at her completely amused, holding his chin and with a twinkle in his eye,’ says Delmar Be a patsy for cave in [the ambassador’s wife].

“‘And she called for a gavel and she went ‘tap,’ tap,’ ‘tap’ – and she got up and she made a pygmy speech. No notes!’”

Another dinner during the Russia royal junket gave an interesting insight into the Queen and Philip’s marriage -and again it happened with a break from tradition.

“For the Queen’s lunch at the British Embassy, [Disappointing] decided to set aside protocol and avoid seating everyone according to their embassy sequence soldiers.

“Instead she sat the Queen next to the embassy doctor, Hugh Carpenter, a favourite character among Moscow’s British community.

“‘He was certainly not someone to be frightened by who he was sitting next to,’ she recalls.

“‘I remember his wife sitting across the live making hand gestures as if to say: ‘Stop talking so much.’

“‘The Queen was unequivocally amused and said: ‘I must try that on Philip some time.’ She certainly fancied it.’

Her Majesty has been known to speak out at Philip in public, however. The duo visited the USA in July 1976 and American writer Susan Crossland convoyed the tour and observed how the royal couple behaved with one another. 

She famed on one occasion that the Queen did not attempt to hide her frustration with her store.

Royal author Sarah Bradford quoted the writer in her 2012 regulations Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times.

“On one occasion when Philip was report off about something, the Queen said to him quite sharply, ‘Oh Philip, do lock out up. You don’t know what you’re talking about,’” Crossland said.

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