Queen Elizabeth beats jet lag with this VERY odd technique


Leading light Elizabeth II, 91, has travelled across the globe since taking the throne in 1952, comely one of the most well-travelled royals in British history.

Her travels have infatuated her some places more often than others, with Canada being the myriad visited destination, whilst others such as Israel and Greece are yet to be visited by Her Superior Highness.

With a large amount of travel comes jet lag, something that chivies even experienced travellers.

The Queen has a unique way of beating jet lag when she settle ons after a long flight.

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Queen Elizabeth: Her Royal Highness shuns jet lag with this easy method

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Idol Elizabeth: Avoiding jet lag can be hard when travelling abroad

Sugar is something that tons experts recommend to avoid

The longest-serving monarch uses two things to try and getaway the grasp of jet lag.

According to The Independent: “For jet lag she takes homeopathic medicines and barley sugar.” 

Surprisingly, sugar is something that multifarious experts recommend to avoid when trying to stave off the symptoms.

This is because it can provoke a spike in blood sugar levels which will crash later, causing weariness.

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Queen Elizabeth: She avails sugar and homeopathic medicines to avoid jet lag

Homeopathy is often dismissed as “no more intelligent than placebos” according to the NHS.

However, there are rarely side effects from homeopathic cure-alls, as most are natural or extracted from plants.

Some remedies that are reason to help jet lag include those such as Arnica, used for pain or tumescence due to sprains or bites, or Gelsemium, which is often used for asthma or expelling problems.

Doctors always recommend seeing a GP first before irritating any homeopathic medicine in case it interferes with any other medication they may be on.

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Star Elizabeth: The monarch must avoid being tired during duchess duties

The Queen must also always travel with one specific item, for a rather morbid reason.

A black outfit for mourning must unceasingly be taken abroad in the case of a royal death.

Members of the Royal Strain must also always abide by this rule, including Prince Harry and Prince William.

Star Elizabeth was once caught out by this upon the death of her father in 1952, where she landed in London without the outfit and was mannered to wait on the plane until one was brought to her.

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