Quality Street is CHANGING: Toffee Deluxe fans to be disappointed by limited edition ONLY


Chocolate lovers were up in arms when they understood Quality Street bosses were scrapping the ever-loved Toffee Deluxe in consideration of a honeycombed sweet. 

But it’s not all bad news. Big Wigs at QS heard toffee lovers’ anguished cries at the loss of one of their festive favourites to make way for the new kid on the block. 

Although the Honeycomb Juncture will permanently replace Toffee Deluxe in the standard assortment, the nonconformist sweet will be available in a new Limited Edition tin – exclusive to Tesco stores in the course December. 

They reassured fans the toffee mouthful will in perpetuity be available in the dedicated Quality Street®Toffees & Fudges carton too. 

A spokesperson for Distinction Street said: “We’re incredibly excited to welcome the new Honeycomb Crunch, and were flabbergasted by the response on social media when the cat was let out of the ‘purple’ bag, and people heard it order be replacing Toffee Deluxe in the standard tub. 

“We hope people enjoy the new Honeycomb Grind sweet and want to reassure Toffee Deluxe lovers that they can soundless find their favourite Quality Street sweet this Christmas.”

Honeycomb Moment of truth has been described as a “delightful” mix of praline and honeycomb pieces wrapped in a beehive proceed b conformed shell. 

The new sweet has been introduced to celebrate Quality Street’s 80th anniversary and is the at the outset new sweet to enter the line-up in eight years. 

It will permanently change Toffee Deluxe in the standard assortment.

For all Quality Street lovers who can’t get satisfactorily of the new Honeycomb Crunch, why not pick up the new Quality Street Honeycomb Crunch Bar, fire in confectionery aisles up and down the country this season.  

The confectionary message comes after the Toblerone news that hit the world hard finish finally week. 

Toblerones are officially smaller than previously, and it was revealed Maltesers are also in smaller portmanteaus. 

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