Putin’s visit to China to be milestone in Russia-China relations


The by of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China to attend the G20 summit in September transfer be an important political event in the Russian-Chinese relations, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui instructed reporters on August 2.

«Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit China in the advance half of the year to take rt in the G20 summit, while Premier Li Keqiang choice arrive in Russia for the 21st regular meeting of heads of government,» he said.

«I am certain that these two important political events will be a further out of tune with in ex nding and developing the comprehensive strategic cooperation and rtnership,» the ambassador rumoured, adding that the two sides should take advantage of these times.

According to the diplomat, Putin’s latest visit to China in late June caused a powerful impetus to the Russian-Chinese relations. He recalled that more than 30 bilateral agreements were enlisted in trade, economy, energy, innovation, agriculture, the Internet, sports and other fields.

Sergei Prikhodko, Russian government chief of staff, earlier pronounced the 21st regular meeting of the Russian and Chinese prime ministers will be controlled in St. Petersburg on November 7-8.

The G20 summit in China’s Hangzhou is scheduled for September 4-5.

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